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Manchester City Denies Having Made Any Offer To Leo Messi

The future of Leo Messi remains a mystery. While in Barcelona they wait for the elections to clarify the panorama and the new president can meet with the Argentine, the different clubs in Europe become potential new homes for Barça 10. The PSG monopolizes covers and players make nods to Leo, but rumors do not stop.The last one, published by The Sun, spoke of an offer to Messi by Manchester City to dress the Argentine in light blue starting this summer. An offer that a spokesman for the English team has denied to MARCA, ensuring that City has not made any offer for Messi , neither last summer nor in these final six months of his contract in which 10 is free to negotiate his future.The club insists that there have been no talks between the two parties while denying that alleged offer of 430 million euros published by The Sun. Although Messi has not yet revealed his future, he is expected to be resolved with his future away from Barcelona, hence the teams that could become his new home do not want to take a wrong step.

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