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Messi Avoids An Eternal Yawn

Messi. Always Messi. And only Messi. Messi was once again the leader of Barça. When the team needed it most. In a moment of crisis. With more doubts than certainties. Messi appeared as legendary heroes do. In the middle of battle, when his teammates needed him most. To score two goals that allowed for an essential victory to continue dreaming of the League. Messi. Always Messi. And only Messi. It is the best and only argument to think that this Barça under construction can win a title. It depends on Messi. There's no more...

The first part against Elche was an eternal yawn. Endless boredom. A football nightmare. An abomination. A torture for the spectator. You had to make tremendous efforts not to fall asleep watching (or, rather, suffering) the sad spectacle that Barça was offering.The best was an individual play by Trincao that ended badly, with a terrible shot to the body of the rival goalkeeper. Nothing more. Forty-five minutes thrown into the wastebasket of horrors that demonstrated what we have all known for a long time: the starters are bad, but the substitutes are worse. Koeman wanted to remove the team with a revolutionary lineup, with five changes. And, to his despair, the remedy was worse than the disease. Pjanic was especially portrayed, who did not even appear in the second part.

The Dutch coach had no choice but to enter, after the break, Dembélé to seek a little more depth. You had to win the game so as not to say goodbye, definitely, to the League. But it had to be Messi, the lone ranger of this Barça, who woke us up from slumber with a 'house brand' goal (with a pass from Braithwaite's back, it must be said), who opened the way to victory and it placed the Argentine star as a solo Pichichi in the League.The Blaugrana captain himself was in charge of certifying the victory with a double that once again made it clear that all the team's gunpowder is in his boots. Either Messi scores or nobody scores here. One more lagoon of a Barça that avoided the catastrophe thanks to its leader. Three essential points were added, but the feelings continue to be regrettable.

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