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'Tiger Woods' Condition Better 'Thanks For Helping In Difficult Times'

World-renowned  American golfer Tiger Woods, who was injured in a car crash, has recovered and is being treated at Cedars Sinai Medical Center for a second day.

According to the French news agency, 15-time champion Tiger Woods was traveling alone in his car in South Los Angeles on Tuesday when his car suddenly collided with the center median and lost its balance and after doing a number of somersaults after hitting a tree. Overturned

He suffered deep leg injuries and underwent surgery at Harbor Medical Center. The golf champion was transferred to Cedras Sinai on Wednesday night.

A tweet from Tiger Woods' Twitter account said, "Tiger and his family would like to thank all the fans who supported and sent messages during this difficult time."

Tiger Woods has been treated for other conditions, including rod implants and ankle patches.

Los Angeles Sheriff Villanueva says Woods will not be charged in connection with the car crash.

"It was an accident and the accident is not a crime. Unfortunately, there are accidents," he said.

Woods won a major championship after Jack Nicholas, a record 82 PGA Tour wins.

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