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Champions League || PSG vs Barcelona 1-1 | The Barça falls with pride

The European career of Barça 2020-21 ended. Logic indicated so. Barça tried and played a great game, dominating, generating chances, fighting, breaking rocks and putting faith ... However, the goal was missing, the most important thing. Nothing to reproach the team, who tried from minute 1 to 90.

It could not be. Barça were eliminated from the Champions League by drawing with PSG (1-1) and unable to overcome 1-4 in the first leg. Mbappé advanced to the French of penalti and Messi returned the tie with a goal. That was the only time that the Catalans could beat a very inspired Keylor Navas who stopped Leo Messi from a penalty.  

The ad said in 2017: 1% chance, 99% faith. He served the Barça team tonight. Although faith increased with the arrival of Laporta to the club. The president managed to motivate a locker room and a hobby that always, even if they say they will not do it again, believe in another epic night. To do this, Koeman put all the meat on the grill. De Jong, central and up Griezmann with Messi and Dembélé in front. Pochettino was surprised by this approach and PSG was outmatched from the first minute. All closed in their field the French. As if the last minutes of the game were being played. An avalanche of Barça players crossed the lines with ease. The most important thing was missing. The success. And it will not be for occasions. The one who had the most was Dembélé. The Frenchman moved very well behind the defense and was able to score up to four goals in the first half. He did not check any. So the comeback was complicated. Very good Keylor Navas. On the other side of the field, Mbappé was playing his game. He against the entire Barça defense. And it was not bad for him. That was Pochettino's approach. Hold back and run with Mbappé. 

After 20 minutes, some fireworks flew over the sky of Paris. As it happened last night. On this occasion, the PSG ultras had to want to wake up their team and not the Catalans. They did not succeed. Barça continued to generate scoring chances. Clear as Dest's crossbar. But it did not go in. And of course, we are talking about a team that can write a horror book with all its defensive adventures. Let's add a new chapter to it. The protagonist, Lenglet. Penalty to Icardi. Mbappé transformed him. The comeback, a little more complicated if it wasn't already. Koeman towards the first change. Junior replaced a Mingueza with yellow that suffered the attacks of Mbappé. But Messi had not yet said the last word. Left-footed shot from 10 from outside the area to the entire squad. Golazo. Believe again. And even more when the referee signaled a penalty in favor of the Catalans. From Kurzawa to Griezmann, which was the only thing he did. Messi launched it and Keylor Navas stopped it. Another jug   of cold water for a team that was already only two goals from extra time. 


The second part began with a change from Pochettino. Diallo by Kurzawa. The Argentine wanted to change the rhythm of the game. It did not succeed. The ball, for Barça. Dembélé continued to his. Many occasions, little goal. Pochettino was moving the bench again. Di Maria and Danilo, to the field. Messi had it. Very clear for the Argentine, who was slow and the French took advantage of that to clear the danger. Half an hour to go. A goal allowed to continue dreaming. Trincao entered. More wood. Messi loved her. I asked for it. He did not want to say goodbye to the Champions League so soon. That competition you long to raise again. It was not enough. Keylor was still intractable. Another great intervention after a shot by Busquets. Start again. Turn for Dembélé. A server has already stopped counting the number of times the Frenchman had. Nor did it come. 

Farewell to Europe from Barça at the premiere of Laporta in his second stage as president. Another year that is empty in the Champions League. He does not do it for the game in Paris, very good and with a huge display of pride and good play, if not for the infamous clash in the first leg. Barcelona had an initial mission in the Parque de los Príncipes, not to give the bad image of the first leg. A team that was outmatched in all aspects and unable to stop Mbappé. And that goal was more than met. It seemed like a utopia to score four goals against PSG in their stadium but he could have achieved it if he had more luck when defining.The first part of Koeman's was memorable. His departure in a whirlwind and the Parisian hell caused the occasions to happen on the goal of Keylor Navas. The break was 1-1, but the Catalans could well have equaled the tie.

The first half hour of the Barça game was to believe in the miracle. They had up to six occasions that we can qualify as clear, but they did not score any. If Dembélé had more head at the time of finishing ... and it was PSG who went ahead on the scoreboard due to a penalty from Lenglet on Icardi that Mbappé transformed. Messi managed to tie with a goal from outside the area and had the 1-2 in the last play of the first half, but Keylor Navas saved him a penalty in an action that was decisive for the French pass.

In the second half, Barça came out with the subconscious failed penalty play and despite dominating, it was not so easy before Keylor Navas' goal. He had three goals left to force extra time, minutes passed and PSG was better than at the start. The little French danger was carried by Mbappé, although it was not his best game. The French, author of four goals in this tie, and the Norwegian Haaland, who scored another four against Sevilla, are called to mark a stage in world football now that Cristiano and Messi are on a more human level.Time does not forgive even idols and a motion of censure is glimpsed in the football universe. The Parisian team, together with Bayern and City, form the shortlist of great favorites to win this edition of the Champions League. A title, which if PSG achieve it, would raise the price of a Mbappé who does not want to renew for the moment and will give much to talk about this summer once a European Championship is over that could also win with the French team. You will ask for a blank check and someone will pay it.

Pochettino refreshed his team in the absence of half an hour giving entry to Di María and Danilo. Koeman, without many options on the bench, had already given entry to Junior in the first half for Mingueza, who had a card and his performance was in danger every time Mbappe faced him. A goal could give Barça a new boost, but Navas avoided it to a shot by Busquets in what could be the last opportunity to think about the comeback. Despite the attempts of Koeman's men, they could not even achieve victory to sweeten their departure from Europe.

Double as 'consolation'

PSG is in the quarter-finals and Barça has to get down to work now to try to achieve a double that is within its reach and that would sweeten a catastrophic season in many respects even if it ends with titles . As in the last four seasons, in Europe the Barça team has once again made it clear that they have dropped a notch compared to other teams. He has lost in the round of 16, something that has not happened since 2007.

Laporta must once again put his club at the height of the best. But first the new president has to take a look at the lot that Bartomeu has left. See if it is financially possible to retain Messi and, if he sees it viable, try his best. That would be the best title - almost as important as the sextet of his first term - that he can achieve for the next season. Because Barcelona still do not have the wickedness to face a new stage without Messi in their ranks. Everything revolves around the Argentine and it will not be easy to disengage from that dependence.


"I think we gave a good image, we played a great game. We had many chances in the first half but we missed putting them. It was a shame. Four clear, the penalty ... then it is more difficult. I think it was another game with respect to the first leg. It could not be but we have given the maximum possible. "

"We had some very clear that we failed, others Keylor had a great night ... that's the way it is. Today Keylor played a great game and we must congratulate him."

"It wasn't just the penalty, we had a lot clearer in the first half. We failed, now we have to raise our heads and want to improve for next year."

"The game we played gives us confidence for what is coming. We are screwed because we wanted to pass. We did not deserve to leave so soon but we will be back next year to try to win."

"I feel very good with my teammates and the coach. I'm here to help, whether it's ten or ninety minutes. I'm at the service of the group."

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