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F1 - Bahrain GP 2021 || Fernando Alonso: "As Good As Them? No, I'm Better"

The two-time Spanish champion is obvious that his two years away have made him a far better driver and he's looking forward to seeing himself on the track with the Hamilton, Verstappen or Vettel.

"There are some young talents who have shown great performance within the lower categories and that we still have the champions, who were already here two years ago," he says during a talk with British BBC, "Verstappen, Although he's one among those that belongs to the young generation, he has been running ahead for four or five years now,"

And does one look nearly as good as them? The question. "No, I'm better," he replies.

Fernando also recalls the tense moments after his bicycle accident in Lugano. "In the top i used to be lucky. i used to be worried because I even have been expecting half 2020 and clearly , i used to be preparing for the presentation of the team, for the primary test and suddenly, you see yourself during a hospital after a bicycle accident and you do not skills long is it getting to take you to recover, but the primary response from the doctors was that during a week or ten days I should be able to return . So I had to remain home for each day without much activity, but my season won't be affected. I feel lucky, "he says

Fernando Alonso is impatient for his return to Formula 1 that kicks off this weekend , March 28, in Bahrain . Alonso is one among the foremost anticipated novelties of the season and he involves the Alpine team to require the French car to the highest of stage again but he knows that this year he won't have the winning car since after the cuts thanks to the pandemic all the teams compete with the bottom of the car from the previous year.

The revolution that was expected to return to F1 in 2021 will need to wait until 2022 due to the coronavirus measures and Alonso believes that it'll be then when he can fight for the planet championship when completely new cars are often made and therefore the competition are going to be far more even than now. Even so, the Asturian returns with more enthusiasm than ever and believes that he features a high level of driving after participating within the 24 hours of LeMans and therefore the Dakar. He considers that after his high preparation for his return he's even better than Hamilton, Verstappen and Vettel.

Alonso made a press release to the BBC where he spoke of the good competitiveness of the grid: "We have a really competitive grid and it'll be a challenge to seek out us all on the track," said the Spaniard. At that moment, they asked him if he would be ready to reach an equivalent level as Hamilton, Verstappen or Vettel and if he believed that he was nearly as good as they, to which he answered bluntly: "No. exclaimed Fernando. it's clear that Alonso arrives hungry for victories and wanting to win his Third World title within the great circus.

Regarding his goal on his return, he assured that: "I return to F1 with the aim of doing well and with the aim of getting the chance to win races, with the hope of fighting for championships. We understand that this year it'll not be possible because The regulations are a touch different but an equivalent as in previous years, so i do not think any miracle will happen ", the Asturian's expectations are set in 2022 when the large changes come to the competition:" i feel that in 2022 there's a replacement opportunity that the new rules mix the order of the grid a touch and that we want to be one among the teams that surprise everyone . For that, we've to figure hard this year "concluded Alonso.

Finally he wanted to speak about his bike accident that he had to undergo surgery after suffering a fracture in his jaw and breaking some teeth: "In the top i used to be lucky, i used to be worried at the time it happened because I had been expecting the whole second a part of the year and therefore the refore the team was already preparing for the presentation and the first test, and suddenly you discover yourself during a hospital and you are doing not skills long you'll recover "explained the Spanish. " Fortunately, the primary response from the doctors was that in ten days or every week I should be ready, I had to remain home for every week on the other hand everything was perfect," said Fernando optimistically.

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