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Lionel Messi Won The Competition For The Richest Football Stars

Lionel Messi has won the competition of the richest football stars, Barcelona is at the forefront with a salary of 107.6 million pounds, his traditional rival Cristiano Ronaldo is at the second place.

According to foreign media, an interesting competition has come to light in the world's favorite sport football, Lionel Messi took the lead in the race to earn more among superstar players. Among European players, Messi has the highest salary of 107.6 million.

Half of his traditional rival Cristiano Ronaldo's income, Ronaldo's salary of Italian club Juventus is 46.5 million pounds.

Brazilian forward Neymar is ranked third, earning 31.3 million. Luis Suarez is the last of the top five European footballers. Gareth Bale tops the list of highest earners in the English Premier League with 25.6 million.

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