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PSG Footballer || A robbery Took Place At Ángel Di Maria's House

An atypical situation happened during PSG-Nantes. In the 57th minute of the game, Leonardo (PSG sports director) came down from the box to the bench area to speak with Mauricio Pochettino. Both had a conversation and minutes later the coach replaced Ángel di María.

Pochettino himself accompanied the player into the locker room and minutes later he returned to the technical area of   the field to continue directing his players with a thoughtful face. The French newspaper 'L'Equipe' reports that Leonardo spoke to reporters after the meeting and told them that he was the victim of a robbery. Another PSG footballer would also be affected, points out this medium. For its part, 'RMC' assures that a robbery took place at Ángel di Maria's house, where his family was.

it has been a robbery at the player's house and that there have been moments of tension because the family was at home. In fact, various reports in France indicate that the woman and her children were kidnapped for a short time. The same information that reveals that his partner Marquinhos was also the victim of an almost identical situation, although in his case it was his parents who were in the house at the time of the robbery.

It is certainly not an easy situation for anyone and less for Di María since he suffered a robbery at his home in Manchester that also affected his wife a lot, to such an extent that she withdrew from social networks all the photos in which she appeared in his house. In fact, they went to a hotel until they changed their address.

Paris Saint-Germain went ahead on the scoreboard, but Nantes managed to come back from the game and take all three points on this day of Ligue 1.

In the Ligue 1 match between PSG and Nantes , Ángel Di María left the pitch early due to a strange situation in which Leonardo, PSG's sporting director, received a call in the box at the Parque de los Los Princes and immediately went down to the pitch to speak with Mauricio Pochettino .

Seconds later, the PSG coach asked for the change and Di María was substituted around minute 60. The three spent a few seconds talking in the changing room tunnel, until Pochettino returned to the field to continue directing the team and Di María and Leonardo entered towards the changing rooms .

Everything indicated that it was a serious personal problem. The first information that comes from France from media such as L'Équipe or Europe 1 is that the footballer would have suffered a robbery inside his home during the game, and that his family was inside the home, so there is talk of kidnapping , as Leonardo himself would have said. The family is fine, but was held by the assailants.

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