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Ronaldo's Biggest Fear, Revealing by Muslim Wrestler Habib Nurmuhammedov

Muslim wrestler Habib Nurmuhammedov has said what his best friend, the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, cares about the most.

Habib Nurmuhammedov told a YouTuber about the details of his recent conversation with the Portuguese superstar that he talks to Cristiano Ronaldo almost every day and that he is worried about his son Ronaldo Jr.

Speaking in a YouTube interview, Habib revealed that Ronaldo wants his son to be his successor on the football field. However, Habib said that Cristiano Ronaldo thinks that Ronaldo Jr. may not have the same passion as his father.

"We talk many times, almost every day," Habib Nurmuhammedov told YouTuber Krasov. But when we met, we talked about where we get our passion from. Ronaldo fears that his son may not have the hunger for success that he had.

"Cristiano Ronaldo told me I wanted my son to be my successor," Habib said. When Cristiano was a kid, it was his dream to have a pair of shoes. But his son has everything. He thinks his son may not have that passion to move forward. People move forward with their passion, they want to achieve great things. When you have everything, then it is difficult to get the spirit to move forward.

"I enjoyed what he said," she said. I think this is a person who will not be satisfied with winning one, two or three titles.

Some people may think that Ronaldo is heading towards the end of his illustrious career, but Habib Nurmuhammedov thinks that Ronaldo will continue to shine on the football field for a few more years. He recently won his 30th title, and is the best goal scorer in football history. I think he will play like that for two or three more seasons.

Habib Nurmuhammedov himself wants to continue his football obsession after retirement.

On the retirement of Habib Nurmuhammedov last year, world-renowned football legend Cristiano Ronaldo wrote in an Instagram story paying tribute to Habib: Congratulations brother, your father is proud of you.

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