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Today In World of Sports || Tiger Wood recovers from hospital | The Copa Del Rey Finals Will Be Played With The Public | The Future Of Zidane, In The Air

World star golfer Tiger Woods was hospitalized after being injured in a car crash, but has been transferred home after recovering. The accident that happened to Tiger Wood on February 27 was so severe that his car went out of control and went away. As soon as the accident was reported, rescue teams rushed to the spot and took Tiger Wood out of the vehicle in an injured condition and rushed him to the hospital by ambulance. Former US Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama expressed sorrow over the accident with the star player and prayed for his speedy recovery. "I'm delighted to announce that I'm back home, and my health is improving day by day," Tiger Woods said in a statement to fans on the social networking site Twitter. ۔ He thanked all those who prayed for his recovery in his tweet.

The La Cartuja stadium will once again host fans in its stands during the Copa del Rey finals, as reported by Manu Carreño in El Larguero. The final of the Copa del Rey 2020 between Real Sociedad and Athletic Club , which should have been held on April 18 of last year, will be played on April 4 at La Cartuja in Seville with an audience. Almost a year after the start of the pandemic, the public returns to the first-rate stadiums. At the moment, it is expected to occupy between 20 and 25% of the capacity with local fans, that is, fans from the Basque Country will not be able to travel to Seville. It is probable that the final of the Copa del Rey 2021 between Barça and Athletic Club will also welcome spectators again in the stands of La Cartuja, in the absence of official confirmation, on April 17 at 9:00 p.m. Even so, FC Barcelona fans will not be able to travel to Seville to witness the final as only local fans would be allowed to enter.

Zinedine Zidane has not been at all clear when in his last appearances he has spoken of his continuity on the Real Madrid bench. The French coach has one more year on his contract, but with the precedents that exist, no one can take it for granted that he will fulfill it. Zidane has taken advantage of the latest press conferences to send encrypted messages about his future, although they may be directed at Madrid's leaders. Florentino Pérez, the white president, knows perfectly well that neither money nor ambition keep the French in office. Zidane has proven to be a free spirit who works as a coach because he is passionate about it. And when he considers that the time has come to put an end to his second stage on the Madrid bench, he will not hesitate to leave without giving too many explanations. He has always been someone of few words.


The possibility that Zidane will star in a second scare again is something that worries in the upper echelons of the Madrid club. Florentino Pérez is delighted to have found an unbeatable shield on the bench and has no intention of doing without it. His doubt is that he does not know if Zidane will leave him hanging as he did in 2018. Zidane doesn't care whether he wins titles or not. You will base your decision on your feelings and that is why no one will know you before you decide to communicate it. For this reason and in anticipation of what may happen between now and the end of the season, the Madrid president has a list of possible substitutes so as not to find himself again in the same situation as three years ago, when he was surprised by Zidane's decision. to leave before time.  

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