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Manchester City Come Back After Two Silly Mistakes By PSG And Set Foot In The Final

An error by Keylor Navas and a direct free-kick by Mahrez propitiate the comeback against PSG and bring Guardiola's team closer to the Champions League final.

"Soccer is war, without executions," wrote George Orwell. The author of Rebellion on the farm had, of course, a critical eye on football. This Wednesday PSG and City were scheduled to settle several fights: Qatar against Emirates, Pochettino against Guardiola , Mbappé against De Bruyne, vertigo against control, direct football against control football.

But in fights they also count, and in what way, you win them. The hunger to win, the thirst for victories. And the mistakes. Of the first, the Parisian troops had much more. Of the second, a ton of excess weight. In the end the failures counted more. This time San Keylor Navas failed. And the Parisian defense, too. And City, asleep in the first half, knew how to wait for its moment.

Neymar warned the first by solving a wall in the English area with a whip. It was the 12th minute and it was like a clarion call. PSG turned on the English defensive line and went ahead with a corner. In the past, a corner kick was a dangerous move, a chill in the defense, a joy in the stands. Yesteryear. In football control and pass, the corner, oh! It is no longer what it was. And in those, on the verge of the first quarter of an hour, Marquinhos rose majestically, with the sky blue defense in the clouds of the zonal defense and headed to the net a corner kick served impeccably by Di María with Ederson hanging arms.

The Brazilian comes out of an injury but he was not going to miss such a game. The captain is someone on this team, he has the Ferrari in his garage at home but rolls up his sleeves on the grass. It was his ninth goal in the Champions League.

With him, and Navas, of course, the defense was, in the first half, a wall in which De Bruyne did not find that death pass. Fodden fired shortly before halftime but Keylor was there, planted like an oak.

The citizens could not overcome the two Parisian defensive lines with Gueye , Paredes and Verratti showing their teeth like mastiffs. PSG was that and Di María came out like a bullet and put the English goal in trouble in another corner kick. Neymar, struggling in the rival area and going down for the ball. PSG was the team that ran the fewest kilometers before the ex Tottenham's arrival on the bench. Other times.

Pochettino put all the gunpowder he has on the pelouse of the Parc des Princes. Their forwards had scored 93 goals in the Champions League when the German Brych whistled the start of the match: Mbappé (27), Neymar (41), Di María (22) and Verratti (3). Now they add the same. On the night where they had to step forward, they weren't able to. They have another appointment, in a week to enter the legend. This Wednesday, they let the train pass, too bad.


Guardiola left the renowned gunmen of Agüero , Gabriel Jesús and Sterling on the bank . He entrusted the keys to that Rolls Royce that is the City to De Bruyne, the new Iniesta . As Barça's long-awaited genius, De Bruyne has the virtue of making things more difficult as if they were simple. The Belgian, who has returned from a foot injury, is at 29 years old in one of the sweetest moments of his career. He has eight goals and 10 assists in the Premier and in 2016 he scored in the two quarter-finals when Manchester's team eliminated Paris.

This time he did his custom. He warned with a Chilean. And in 64, after another corner in which Guardiola's pupils took the ball played, he served a ball to the area. He did not clear the defense and Navas ate it. Even the best writer makes a blur.

Then PSG broke down. The second for City came in 70 when Mahrez threw a free kick, Paredes and Kimpembé left a gap in the wall by jumping and Navas had to collect the ball from the net for the second time. Shortly after, Gueye with adrenaline out of control, made a criminal entrance to Gündogan and left his team with 10. Red deserved.

The party went down the sink of time. Step ahead of the City of Guardiola. Pochettino's PSG stumble. As in life itself, in football you have to put yourself forward ... and not screw it up.

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