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Neymar Wants Barça And Signs Up For A New Pay Cut

Joan Laporta wants him to return to Barcelona,   but cannot find the economic formula to achieve it. It is a very complex operation because you have to pay the footballer, who is currently earning 70 million euros gross in Paris, and then the price of the transfer with PSG, a club that has historically closed in on the band to sell a player to Barcelona . And the list is big because they have tried Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Verrati, Di María and Neymar himself on a couple of occasions. The result has always been negative.

If Laporta managed to bring him in, it would be a round operation . On the one hand, he would sign one of the best players in the world who is in position to win the Champions League this year. His tie against Bayern was spectacular. And then there is the side effect. If the president manages to bring him in, it is one of the best possible arguments for Messi to renew his contract with Barcelona. Leo already knows that the president is trying. You only have to look at the Press. And you would love it. It remains to be seen how the operation can be closed because last summer Bartomeu also told him that he was trying and in the end he did not come.

Double negotiation

Neymar is doing his part to return to the Camp Nou. His wish is not limited to a declaration of intent, but he is willing to considerably reduce his income by visiting Barcelona. If at first it had already taken a step forward in this regard, now there has been a second reduction. What happens is that in parallel he is negotiating with PSG his renewal. There are sources that assure that there is already a commitment between the two parties, but this has not been made official. And as long as it is not confirmed, Barcelona will continue to play its tricks to try to get him back. Although from the club they are very cautious in making their assessments, they do not lose hope although they are aware of the difficulties that this operation entails.

The sports management is working on making a big signing next summer. One of the options is Neymar and the other would be Haaland . The problem they are encountering with the Norwegian is that there are no possible discounts here. Raiola, the player's agent, knows that it is time to make a big transfer and is not going to give anything away. The operation is very complicated. Another name is Lautaro , which Barcelona was already interested in last summer. Kun Agüero could also come , but in this case this operation would be an addition since there is no transfer to pay for the Argentine. He ends his contract with Manchester City and has already announced that he is leaving.

Audit and outputs

And the issue of the audit remains to be resolved, a vital aspect to know the economic framework in which Barcelona will be able to move to make signings. This subject is fundamental and the Barcelona Directive still does not have the result of the same. There are voices that say that the economic situation could be worse than expected. If so, the transfer budget will go down.

The sales chapter also comes into play here. Several players will be put on the market with the idea of   obtaining an income that allows financing the incorporations. Footballers like Pjanic, Coutinho and Umtiti have many points to leave. And the list might not end here.

No rush to meet with Jorge Messi

Leo's father arrived in Barcelona last weekend. It is clear that the time is approaching to meet with Laporta to negotiate the continuity of Leo in the Barcelona club. However, there will be no rush for the match to occur. Things take time. At the club they are waiting to know the final result of the audit and there are still a few days left. On the other hand, Jorge Messi plans to travel to Italy in the near future. He is not expected to meet anyone from the club prior to the move.

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