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F1 - GP Spain 2021 || What Fernando Alonso Has Asked Alpine Is Another Power Steering

Fernando Alonso continually repeats that improving with the car this season "just depends on me." He prefers to avoid talking about the team's mistakes, which have occurred and serious, to continue with self-criticism.

Fernando could not imitate his pursuers, Aston Martin or Pierre Gasly's Alpha Tauri , in the Barcelona strategy , because in Alpine they missed the tire forecast and ' burned' two of the three media games available in free practice, with what was left only one available for the race. The same, by the way, that happened to Red Bull with Verstappen and Checo Pérez.

Instead of showing it, as happened in Portimao with the strange drop in his car's performance between FP3 and qualifying, Alonso has made the decision to be constructive, stick with it and try to take the car as far forward as possible. this year, and especially that of 2022. There all his rivals will start from scratch (like him now) with a car that will be opposite to the current cars, where the ground effect returns , a detail that will force everyone to a 'recycling course ' in which you will really see who is who, or the fastest to accommodate the new style of F1. It doesn't make much sense to be blindin 2021, with a car that can only enter the points.

It is one of the reasons why the two-time champion seems in a state of hibernation, a faded Fernando, and that he seems very sincere about his duties in the return to F1, so much so that he ends up not being completely when he apologizes to Alpine for everything.

Improve sensations with the steering wheel

What Alonso revealed after the race is that he has asked the team for some changes in a very specific element, the management, with which he has not quite found the sensitivity that he likes and that in Monaco will be fundamental.

"It's more for my comfort, it's some things for me. This car is different in terms of the power steering approach, I want it to be more similar to how I've had it before to improve my feeling. It's just on my side of the garage and hopefully It is easier for me. This car has a different approach to its behavior (in the turn). Looking ahead to 2022 it makes no sense to change the philosophy of the car and it is up to me to adapt between now and the end of the year. I hope to do so better and I think I'll get it, "he acknowledged modest after finishing 17th in the Spanish Grand Prix.

No criticism of the strategy

Despite what was said before the management of the rubber sets by Alpine in Spain, Fernando preferred not to load the inks on the team.

"The strategy was risky, but in reality, I started in 10th position and I would have had to respond to Gasly," he clarified about the fact of his early stop, on lap 22. "The best way to keep 10th was to risk. Al The final did not work, because the tires were gone. If I had stayed out, probably Gasly and Vettel would have passed us and I would have finished 12th or 13th for the rest of the race. It was a dead end ". No way out and decided in advance, it should be added.

Always positive

Alonso, in any case, only drew the "positive conclusions, because in Portimao we were competitive, but here we show that it was not only because of the type of circuit. In Barcelona we were competitive again . They are two circuits where we have been fifth, behind Ferrari and McLaren and that's good news. There is work to be done and also in terms of strategy and understanding of the tires. Here it was not a surprise, it was a risk that we took to get a point and it did not come out, "he recapitulated.

Due to this new adapted direction, Fernando believes that he could have possibilities of showing off in Monaco. " I think the car will be really fast in Monaco . I feel good about the performance there. One of the things I have to improve, for sure, is getting the most out of a lap, pushing with the car, having confidence in the car. I'm not 100% on it right now." Although he hopes it will change quickly.

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