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Masters Rome 2021 || Rafa Nadal: "It Is Incredible To Have The Trophy Of Rome 10 Times"

Rafael Nadal showed exultant win the trophy ten times the 1000 Rome Masters. The Spaniard thus equals the 36 TMS of Novak Djokovic for a total of 88 tournaments won.

Victory. "It is incredible to have 10 times the Roma trophy in my hands. I have had a complete tournament and I feel very happy. It is true that I have suffered and at the same time I have been lucky, especially saving the two match points against Shapovalov".

Sensations "I remember the 2005 final against Guillermo Coria, which lasted 5 hours. After winning 10 times at Roland Garros, Monte Carlo and Barcelona,   I also wanted to win 10 times here."

Rivalry with Djokovic. "It was an honor to play with him again."

Right, the key. "I think the last two weeks I have been improving and it has been one of the keys to the final. On gravel it is a very important blow."

Second set. "These games have everything and you are going to suffer. I have not taken advantage of my options at the beginning and then I have lost concentration a bit. I think I have played the third set better than the first. I want to win all the tournaments that I play and Rome is one of my favorites".

Pressure. "I know how to handle pressure because I've been handling it for 18 years"

Drop. "It's dangerous, the other day I almost had a major injury. It happened to me three times this week. The line was higher than the track and it could have hurt me. I was lucky to drop the racket and be able to support with my hands. He The problem is that the lines are made of plastic and they move. "

Roland Garros. "Paris is the most important place in my career. I will have a couple of days off and work on things that I think I can do better. I also need to relax on a mental level. Winning always gives you an extra and the main thing is that I take a title very important. With my victory here my dirt tour improves. "

2-2 and break point against. "It was decisive because then I made the break with the wind in favor."

Win the great rival. "I don't know if it will influence Roland Garros. All I know is that I have won one of the most important tournaments in the history of our sport. I can't just think of four tournaments a year, it would be frustrating. There are more things. It is obviously better to arrive at Roland Garros with this title under your arm. "

Rafael Nadal yesterday won the title for the tenth time in Rome, a feat that had already been done before at Roland Garros (13), Barcelona (12) and Montecarlo (11) . In fact, he is the first tennis player in history to win a minimum of ten times in four different competitions, breaking the tie with Frenchman Jean Borotra.

Nadal takes a booty from the Italian capital that amounts to 4,956,382 euros since he won in the 2005 edition . The champion award has been significantly affected by the global pandemic.

In 2019, for example, the trophy was accompanied by a check for 958,055 euros for the 245,085 he won today after beating Novak Djokovic in the final .

In his 10 championships he has accumulated a total of 8,500 points. It should be remembered that in 2005, 2006 and 2007, where he recorded his first three victories, only 500 points were added to the winner.

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