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NBA || LeBron's 'Miraculous' Triple To Save The Lakers: "I Saw Three Hoops And Aimed At The One In The Middle"

The game entered tied at the last minute and, in the last second of a well-defended possession, the ball reached the hands of LeBron James to die more than 10 meters from the basket. Or the hoops.

And from the Staples Center logo, with Stephen Curry running up to him to score, James scored one of those baskets that are worth more for weight than points.

Curry knows this well, who has built his myth on impossible triples. And LeBron knows it well: according to ESPN Stats, in his career he has scored 97 baskets to tie or turn the game in the last minute. In the last 25 years only Kobe Bryant added more. Staples knows it well.

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And when Curry turned to look at him after seeing the shot go in, LeBron pointed to his left eye.

I can not see!

He was referring to the foul he had received from Draymond Green a minute earlier. A coup that LeBron tried to sell everything he could to flagrantly point out. He was unlucky, although the umpires did box Green on the next possession.

I saw three rings and I aimed at the one in the middle

LeBron said after a victory over the Warriors that put the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs for the title (103-100).


The Warriors still had two possessions to try to tie it, but the Lakers' defense prevented fate from ending in Curry's hands. The first opportunity ended in a desperate triple by Jordan Poole and the second, the last possession of the game, in a turnover.

With Green as Curry's teammate on the blocks, Anthony Davis had an easy decision to double over the best shooter of all time to prevent the triple. It was one of the changes that the Lakers made in the second half and that turned around a game that the Warriors had gone on to win by 13 points in the first half.

LeBron James' 3-pointer rounded out a great second act in which both he and Davis took command. 22 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists for the forward. 25 and 12 for 'La Ceja', who after the break went on to play more minutes as 'five'. It is the nuclear option of these Lakers, the glass they can break in an emergency.

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And this in part was, because losing would have condemned them to play again this Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies without further margin of error.

The Warriors will do it, who had the best Stephen Curry (37 points, 6/9 in triples), the help (unexpected a year ago) from Andrew Wiggins, effective in attack (21 points) and very solid in defense over LeBron, and an excellent Draymond Green in everything other than looking at the rim (9 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, 3 blocks, good defense over Davis and 0/5 shooting).

His was also the last defense in the post that forced the Lakers to get the ball in despair. Looking for LeBron James 10 yards from the rim. Or all three.

I saw three rings and aimed at the one in the middle

Triple, match, and one more notch in legend.

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