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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 || The Cost Of Canceling The Games Would Amount To 17,000 Million Dollars

Cost of canceling the Olympic and Paralympic Tokyo would cost Japan around 1.81 trillion yen (17,000 million dollars), as announced a research institute in the country while Japanese authorities are used to brake the advance of the pandemic two months before the competition starts.

Nomura believes there are more benefits than risks even canceling. It warns of an even greater economic loss if a new state of emergency is declared to cope with another surge in coronavirus cases after the Games have been held as scheduled.

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Even if the games are canceled, the economic loss will be less than (the damage caused by) a state of emergency 

Takahide Kiuchi, executive economist at the Nomura Research Institute, said.

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Media polls have targeted a Japanese public concerned about the pandemic. 

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Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed in a Kyodo News poll in mid-May said the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics should be canceled.

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