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Premier League Betting || Who Will Play The Champions League Next season?: Chelsea, Leicester And Liverpool Odds

With City already champions and United second in the table, it remains to be determined which England team will occupy the third and fourth places in the Premier to play the Champions League.

It is often taken for granted that good teams do not fail when they play; that do not slip the bullet and face their destiny head-on, with the naturalness that their inherent competitive condition gives them . In the Premier, it could be said that the majority of these conditions, however, this is football and it must always be demonstrated on the field.

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Chelsea (3rd in the table with 67 points), Liverpool (4th with 66) and Leicester (5th with 66) will play the next day whether or not to be the Champions next season. Of course, after the matches that were played this past Wednesday, some have it somewhat better than the other.

A priori, Chelsea and Liverpool depend on themselves to return to the top continental competition and, who knows, re-measure themselves and impose, as was the case of the Londoners, two of the Spanish teams that were in contention, the Atlético and Real Madrid. The only one who will have to be attentive to what happens, not only in their match, but in the other two, will be Leicester , which is reaping a great season with the achievement, against Chelsea, of the FA Cup.

However, on this past matchday 37, Thomas Tuchel's men managed to take revenge for the cup defeat by kicking them out of the Champions League positions, thanks to their 2-1 victory at Stamford Bridge. Resolved the ballot that would have been to run out of Champions thanks to their final victory against Burnley, Salah, Mané and company have all the credit to be Champions next year.

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Thus the things, next Sunday 23 the fate of each one of them will be decided. Assuming that all the games will be played at 5:00 pm, Chelsea will visit the Birmingham home of Aston Villa , where nothing is played; Liverpool host Crystal Palace, who have also done their homework and should not suffer from relegation; and Leicester will face Tottenham , who may be without Europe next season if they do not win and West Ham lose.

The main bookmakers estimate that the table will stay as it is right now . They give as winners the three teams involved, that is, nothing changes.

Chelsea's victory at Aston Villa is paid around 1.5 ; that of Liverpool to Crystal Palace at home hardly exceeds 1.2 quota ; and that of the Leicester game against Tottenham, despite the forces being more evenly matched, give Brendan Rodgers' men a little more favoritism, with an average of between 2 and 2.5 for their victory.

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