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Zidane Is Leaving Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane has already informed the Real Madrid dressing room that he will leave at the end of the season, that he will not continue on the bench next season. The news was advanced by Fernando Burgos in Onda Cero and MARCA has learned that this meeting with the squad took place last Saturday, after the elimination against Chelsea, on the eve of the League duel against Sevilla. He did so after training, which caused the press conference to start later than normal. Therefore, Zidane has eight days left at the helm of Madrid, two games in which he will try to win his third league.

The decision, as he has commented to the dressing room, is very thoughtful and firm. The Frenchman understands that his cycle at Madrid is over and that it is time to step aside. It is the second time that Zidane has left Madrid as a coach, although this time it is not as surprising as the first. The Frenchman, who has not wanted to clarify his future for two months, had been warning with his silence. And at yesterday's press conference, prior to the duel against Athletic, he dropped it. "There are moments in which you have to be and others in which you have to go for the good of all," said the Frenchman, who did not stop throwing flowers at his team. "What the players are doing is the host."

Zidane will leave Real Madrid with 11 or 12 titles, depending on whether he wins this league that is fighting hand in hand with Atlético, being without a doubt one of the most important coaches in the history of Real Madrid. In terms of titles, only Miguel Muñoz surpasses him , who won 14.

Raúl, the best placed to succeed him

With the departure of Zidane confirmed within the club, Madrid has to get down to work to find the ideal coach. It is not easy, since the void left by the French is enormous. Right now, as MARCA has reported today, Raúl is the best placed to take over the team next season. Allegri and to a lesser extent Löw, are the other options that Madrid has on the table. But Raúl is the number one candidate.

Zinedine Zidane increased doubts about his continuity on the Real Madrid bench by ensuring that he never thinks of himself when he has closed stages, as a player or the first as a coach at the White House, and explained that he feels that there is "a moment" in the one that needs a change "for the good of all".

The French coach maintains his policy of not revealing his future until the end of the season, after taking stock of a course that may end without titles if he does not turn the situation in the league in the last two days, but he left some reflections that feed the club's doubt about his continuity despite having one more year on his contract.

"It is said that the times that I have left I leave it because I remove the responsibility or because things are complicated, it has never been like that," he clarified at a press conference. "What I do, I do it to the full and there comes a time when it is time to change, for everyone, not just for me, for the good of the players, the club, the people." "I do not leave it because it is easy to take off, turn and not look. There are times when you have to be and others when you have to go for the good of all, not just mine," he added.


Despite his message, Zidane showed his classic smile in his appearance, away from the image of tension that he reflected on recent occasions and treating his situation naturally. "Although it doesn't seem like it from time to time because I'm serious, I'm excited every day. I don't know what's going to happen in two or three years, that's why I enjoy every moment. my players. I'm excited. I'm lucky and I take advantage of every moment, "he said.

Zidane understands that his position is in danger if he does not win titles due to the demands of Real Madrid. "For me it is very boring to always say that we are going to play the last games, but it is the truth, I do not know what will happen." "I'm here, two games to go and we don't know what will happen. This is Real Madrid and anything can happen here, that's why my strength is in the day to day and I don't look further. I don't see the past or the future ", sentenced.

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