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Zidane Stops Being Real Madrid Coach

Zinedine Zidane has decided to end his time as Real Madrid coach and has communicated this to his players, who are now on vacation after finishing the season, to his coaching staff and to the club, which has made the 'goodbye' official of the French technician. "Real Madrid CF communicates that Zinedine Zidane has decided to end his current stage as coach of our club. It is now time to respect his decision and show him our gratitude for his professionalism, dedication and passion in all these years, and for what he has done. represents his figure for Real Madrid, "the Madrid organization declared in the statement published this morning.

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As always, Florentino Pérez will leave the doors of the organization open for you. His goodbye does not change the relationship with the president, exquisite since his signing two decades ago. "Zidane is one of the great myths of Real Madrid and his legend goes beyond what he has been as a coach and player of our club. He knows that he is at the heart of Real Madrid and that Real Madrid is and will always be his home "Reads the end of the statement, affectionate with the coach.

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In his first stage, Zidane won three Champions in a row , one League , two Club World Cups , two European Super Cups and one Spanish Super Cup . This second chapter closes with the 2020 League , conquered with a spectacular arreón after confinement, and the Spanish Super Cup won a few months before against Atlético in Saudi Arabia .


The decision of the Frenchman, who has been dancing about his future throughout the course, has weighed heavily on the heavyweights of the squad, aware that under the command of the Frenchman they have lived the best days of their football career. Many of them are now orphans of protection before the renewal that the club intends to make in the first team.

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Zidane, who has come to Valdebebas this morning, has been managing his 'goodbye' for a long time, overwhelmed and tired of bad times , such as the crisis in the Champions League , the defeat in the Cup , the departure of Odegaard or the plague of injuries. Despite everything, he has fought the League and the Champions League to the end. He will leave Madrid, renouncing the remaining year of his contract and two and a half seasons after his return. The same time that it lasted in the 2016-2018 section.

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In recent weeks, the coach had hinted at his intention to step aside by assuring that he intended to "make it easy for the club."

However, after the penultimate day he denied, angrily, having told the players that he was leaving

How am I going to tell you right now? Curiously, Karim Benzema, one of the footballers with whom he has more confidence, said just two days ago that "Zidane is not going to leave, you'll see

Zidane leaves the bench as the second most successful coach in the history of Real Madrid, with eleven titles, behind Miguel Muñoz. He began the second stage in March 2019 in the middle of a turbulent season that began with his departure in June of the previous year, the arrival of Lopetegui from the national team and the fleeting passage of Solari.

Real Madrid, while waiting for Zidane's decision, was already considering several options for the bench and in the last hours the option of Antonio Conte , who terminated his contract with Inter Milan , Calcio champion, has been raised in full just a few hours before of Zidane's goodbye leaking.

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