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Euro Cup Final Draw: All Confirmed Crosses And When They Will Be Played

There is less and less time for the grand final of the European Championship on July 11 at Wembley and we are already getting to know how the tournament will turn out from the quarter-finals. Almost every match in this round of 16 has already been played, which has left us capital surprises such as the eliminations of the Netherlands against the Czech Republic or the last of France in the hands of Switzerland. Nobody expected Denmark to beat Wales with such forcefulness (0-4).

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There have not been so many surprises with Italy, which 'charged' Austria in extra time , nor with Belgium, which beat Portugal in one of the great games of this round by a solitary 1-0. Nor with Spain, which cost him but knew how to knock out Croatia to stand in the quarterfinals after an extension not suitable for heart patients.

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It will therefore be necessary to know the other two quarter-finalists who will come out of the England-Germany and Ukraine-Sweden duels.

Rooms already confirmed

Confirmed we already have almost all the quarterfinal pairings. Italy will face Belgium on July 2 and the Czech Republic will face Denmark on July 3.

After the elimination of the powerful France, Spain will face Switzerland in Saint Petersburg on July 2. Now, therefore, it will only be necessary to know who accompanies in these quarterfinals. The other two teams will come out of the duels Germany-England and Ukraine-Sweden. Tomorrow, June 29, we should already know the final table of the quarters.

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