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FC Barcelona || The Barça Will Have To Release 200 Million Of Wage Bill After The Renewal Of Messi

It is no secret that Barcelona is obliged to lighten its squad this summer in order to square the box and adapt to LaLiga's salary cap. Along these lines, RAC 1 has reported this Friday that the entity will have to release around 200 million euros in salary mass once the renovation of Leo Mess closes.

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Therefore, to keep the captain, the entity must make an effort to comply with the economic margins. The continuity of the attacker brings a lot of income in the form of sponsorship and branding to the club, but it also forces the institution to tighten its belt. Therefore, the institution must lighten those 200 kilos. It should not be forgotten that the wage bill now represents 110 percent of income and financial fair play sets the cap at 70 percent. Against this backdrop, the clipping that the entity must make is evident.

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Joan Laporta already warned that the situation was complicated and explained a few days ago that, for every 100 million they released, only 25 could enter and that is a very narrow ratio. For this reason, Barcelona is working on the exit operation urgently, waiting for the captain's yes to not be delayed. He needs to transfer footballers with a very high salary to be able to balance the salary bill.

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With other Catalans they are in talks to accommodate their salary to the current situation of the culé institution. Therefore, Laporta has to reduce 200 million of the salary mass in record time and with the clubs affected economically because of the pandemic.

The most special congratulations for Messi

Leo Messi celebrates his 34th birthday yesterday and does so far from home, playing the Copa América with his team . For this reason, his wife, Antonella , wanted to publicly congratulate the Barcelona forward with three images of the couple at different stages of their life.

Happy Birthday my Love. We love you more every day! You are everything to us, we miss you very much !! # viejitogruñon

Written the couple of Leo Messi accompanying the three photographs he has published.

In the first snapshot, Messi and Antonella appear very young. The second is already a little more current and, in the third, the whole family poses. The couple with their three children.

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Messi is receiving a lot of messages throughout the day today. The Barcelona , the selection of Argentina , the program Mundo Leo. .. but, without a doubt, the most tender is the one Antonella posted this Thursday afternoon.

Paredes: "Giving the ball to Messi is not always the best option"

Leandro Paredes, PSG midfielder and Messi's teammate in the national team, made some curious statements this Friday assuring that the ball should not be passed to the Barcelona captain out of obligation, only if he is in the best position to play it.

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"When we had to play several games with Rodri De Paul, we realized that it was not an obligation to look for Leo, but to find him when he could take advantage. I think that, although his presence leads you to want to give it to him, it is not always the best option. You also have to be smart in that sense, "the midfielder confessed.

Paredes, who is used to training alongside great stars both in his team and in the national team, has defended this idea of not always giving the ball to the Barcelona captain. "You have to make decisions, whether they are good or not. And you think you make the best one. Then, if you get the pass or not and it was better for the team, it is something else. But you try to take off that responsibility by always giving it to yourself and try to find him when he can take advantage, "he defended.

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You try to take off that responsibility to always give it to him and try to find it when he can take advantage

Of course, Paredes does not hide the enormous quality of the attacker. "What is most surprising about Leo is that sometimes it comes out of places where we think we have to start running backwards. Sometimes you say:" He loses it, he loses it ... "and he did not lose it. It's incredible ". On the other hand, he explained his feelings the first time he entered the dressing room and found players of such quality, such as Messi or Neymar . "You think about how they will be, how they will receive you or how they will treat you. I was lucky that both of them have treated me in the best way. They have made me feel very comfortable, I have a very good relationship with both of them. I enjoy a lot to be able to play, share the dressing room and things with them, "he recalled.

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