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ROLAND GARROS 2021 || Djokovic Lifts Two Sets To A Broken Musetti

The world number 1 beat the young Italian 6- (7), 6-7 (2), 6-1, 6-0 and 4-0 and left. He will play the quarterfinals against Matteo Berrettini, who did not need to face Federer.

The tournament was going smoothly for Novak Djokovic . He had won all three of his matches without giving up a set. Physically intact. No distractions. He was a player focused on a single objective: to win Roland Garros for the second time and to narrow the gap in the fight with Nadal and Federer to add the most Grand Slam titles.

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Unlike other seasons, no stone of weight appeared on his way to the semifinals. In these, also in a different way from the previous courses in which they could only meet in the direct fight for the cup, he was called to meet Nadal, the man who overwhelmed him last October in the final, the same one who surpassed him in three sets in the recent final in Rome.

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Lorenzo Musetti had good credentials among specialists, but he was still a roland Garros rookie, a 19-year-old boy who has been making his way in second-rate tournaments, armed, yes, with a sweet repertoire of blows and an astonishing freshness in his game. As he unfolded in his first match at the Philippe-Chatrier , no one would say that he was number 76 in the world, someone who had not passed the previous one in Monte Carlo or Madrid. The Italian put in a serious commitment to the number one of the world before being left empty and suffering an answer that was presumed uncertain. Djokovic won 6-7 (9), 6-7 (2), 6-1, 6-0, 4-0 and withdrew, in three hours and 28 minutes.


Djokovic was the first to hit with a break that invited us to think of another comfortable match. Nothing of that. Carrara's man reacted quickly, in the prologue of a dazzling performance in the first two sets. He turned his rival into a vulnerable tennis player, unable to withstand the gale that was coming upon him. Among Musetti's many qualities is his ability to vary the pace of exchanges at will. It goes with great ease from defense to attack, from drugging the ball with the backhand cut to projecting it to unsuspected corners of the court with a winning shot. The reverse, always one hand.

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Too passive, the Serbian also did not take advantage of the initial advantage in the first tiebreaker. The same outcome awaited him in the second, this time after a carousel of misguided decisions, with that of not returning a ball on the line that he contemplated clearly.

The brief passage through the changing room was holy water for Nole. The Italian collapsed, was speechless, his rich tennis vocabulary suddenly exhausted. Djokovic was activated, took the initiative, did much of what he had left pending. 

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It was Musetti's first best-of-five-set tournament after failing in the previous rounds of the Australian Open. He had used all the sets in the third round to get rid of his compatriot Marco Cecchinato, but this time the mountain was much higher. He sought medical attention after his two-set lead was neutralized. He was bleeding on the scoreboard when he said enough, with only one game scored in almost three sets.

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