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Roland Garros 2021 || Who Is The Favorite In The Roland Garros Semi-Final Djokovic vs Nadal?

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal will meet this Today in the semifinals of Roland Garros 2021 in the 58th meeting between the two in all their long careers. The Serbian dominates the precedents by 29 to 28, but the Manacor is looking for his 20th Grand Slam in what would be his 14th Roland Garros.

Below we analyze the odds of the main bookmakers to make predictions in the match of the matches in the history of tennis.

Who is favorite? Djokovic or Nadal?

Rafa Nadal's practically immaculate career at Roland Garros places him as a favorite to win this match against 'Nole'. The winner of Tsitsipas vs Zverev will wait.

The share of Djokovic , champion in 2016 and one of the two players - along with Soderling - who has been able to beat Rafa in this tournament, is somewhat higher. 

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In the quarterfinals, Nadal gave up a set for the first time in two years, something unusual in the Spaniard's career in the tournament. 

Carlos Moyá: "Nadal and Djokovic are two natural survivors"

Carlos Moyá, Rafael Nadal's coach along with Francis Roig, analyzes today's semifinal against Novak Djokovic and that it has a final flavor.

Match. "It is a special match. Many times they had met in the semifinals and this time they have played in the semifinals. You have to try to be better than seven rivals and usually the next one is better than the previous one. We are not talking about an early end, it is a semifinal and it has to treat it as such."

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Sensations "Rafa arrives well. He has been dodging difficulties along the way, normal moments of pressure and very brilliant moments. We must try to numb and lengthen those important moments and that they last as long as possible in the game."

The last precedent of Rome. "He is a reference point, those of us who see him every day know that he can play even better. Each game is different and Djokovic is adjusting things to try to surprise in order to try to win. And we have to focus on what is going well for Rafa and in what bothers the rival. But it is clear that it is better to arrive here having won the match in Rome than having lost."

Djokovic. "It is difficult to reach the semi-finals of a 'Grand Slam' tournament. I see it with ups and downs, moments of doubts, we saw the match with Musetti and if Musetti has more experience ..., it put him in serious difficulties. in difficulties. But it is clear that he is Djokovic and he always finds a way to escape. We are talking about two players who find a way to escape. They are two born survivors, who until you shake hands you cannot trust that you have won."

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It is special to play with Djokovic. "It is the most played match in the history of tennis. Rafa is facing the number one and every match at Philippe Chatrier is special and the rival is large."

Final 2020. "We do not expect a match like this, Rafa is going to have difficulties. The level of the 2020 final will be difficult to overcome. It was a master class on how to play tennis on clay. If we had put together a script there would be no It came out so perfect. I expect more of a Roma-type match, with alternatives and tough moments. But we trust Rafa a lot. If he is capable of playing at a high level, it is Rafa Nadal, it is Roland Garros, it is Philippe Chatrier and you have to have confidence".

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Rooms with Schwartzman. "The last nine games, Schwartzman has no option to touch the ball. We know that version of Rafa because we see it on a daily basis. Going through difficulties along the way does not hurt."

Match on land. "Just as we try to move quickly, to make the game more difficult, I suppose he is going to move because what he has done in recent years has not worked very well for him on clay. We know very well how Djokovic plays and we know very well. Well how good it is. Whoever can implement his game scheme will have more chances of winning. Rafa knows that he will be mentally demanding the whole game. Players as great as they are going from less to more in the tournament. There is a lot of pressure from the beginning for them and it is difficult to start sweeping ".

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Physical state "Physically he arrives very well, the extra week he had after Rome has helped. From Monte Carlo to here the progression has been very good, we come from less to more".

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