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The 20 Decisions That Will Blow Up The Summer: Messi, Mbappé, Haaland, Kane, Ramos ...

If Messi renews, who will leave: Griezmann or Dembélé? Will Dortmund lose Haaland and Sancho? How will PSG move if Mbappé leaves? Who can sign Kane? Does Joao Félix have a safe place at Atlético? What will Cristiano do? The season will depend on your decisions. There are several projects with the blank sheet waiting to tilt their future towards one destination or another. There are 20 footballers who are going to shake up football in the next few weeks. No one is left over, some may be missing.

The soap opera Messi

Contract ends on June 30. The Barça project goes through its future, which will determine the rest of the plan for economy and human resources. All the signals indicate that it will continue of Barcelona. If that is fulfilled, the exit of some of the players that can seduce in the market is certain. "The Messi thing is going well, but it is not done", assured a few days ago the president Joan Laporta , who recognized the predisposition of the player: "He is putting a lot on his part".

Mbappé continues dribbling

Contract ends in June 2022. Every week there is talk about the future of this 22-year-old rocket. His negotiation with PSG does not start and Madrid is in the office next door. He is the most sought-after footballer on the planet. According to Transfermarkt, its value is 160 million. If he leaves, the domino effect will shake the football. PSG will be obliged to react.

The Christian enigma

His third season at Juventus has broken the infatuation between the entity and the footballer, who ends his contract in 2022. The Portuguese, once again the top scorer in the Italian League, has shown unmistakable signs of annoyance at the team's direction. Juventus saved the honor at the end with the Cup and the place for the Champions, but their star has not finished the season well. His latest messages feed the mystery.

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Haaland Bank

Borussia Dortmund's tank, a goal insurance, is also playing with its future. There is no giant team that does not love him. His contract expires in 2024, a date that no one doubts he will not meet. The German club sooner or later will cash the more than 100 million euros of contribution with the Norwegian.

Griezmann's domino

Two seasons at Barça and an irregular performance for what was expected have placed the Frenchman on the ramp of possible players with whom to negotiate. He has a contract until 2024. Barça needs liquidity and although Griezmann has lost value, he still seduces in some continental football venues.

Hazard's bad star

One of the most controversial enigmas in European football is the situation of Eden Hazard. He came to Madrid like a crash and has melted after Meunier injured him in a Champions League match. From there he has chained injuries and disappearances. Its price has dissipated. Contract ends in 2024.

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The Harry Kane surprise

His claim to leave Tottenham, tired of chasing glory, has taken out the calculator in more than one office. The 27-year-old English striker has a contract until 2024, an asset for his club to only agree to a gold and diamond transfer. Its price exceeds 100 million euros.

The date of Dembélé

He came to Barça as the footballer in charge of making Neymar forget, a complicated endeavor that he has failed partly due to injuries and partly due to a peculiar style of play. When he is well he seems unstoppable. Contract ends in 2022 and there is no progress for its renewal. Another piece to use in the market.

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The time of Ramos

Sergio Ramos ends his contract with Real Madrid in a few weeks. The center-back has lived through a stormy season, hit by injuries and wriggling for his renewal. His handicap is age, 35, a figure for a club to question whether it is possible to offer a multi-year contract. The absence in the Eurocopa will not help to relaunch his figure either.

Donnarumma's Slam

If someone is looking for a young goalkeeper (22 years old), accredited after his career at Milan, they have Donnarumma within reach, who ends his contract in June. Meta and entity have not reached an agreement so far to extend the relationship. He is identified with money and is called 'Dolarumma'. After reaching the Champions League, Milan have looked for a replacement and signed Mike Maignan, Lille goalkeeper.

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Dybala's doubt

The Argentine midfielder has also suffered the chaos of the Juventus season. The '10' is on the wire. His contract ends in 2022. His future is among those who place him as the piece on which to build the future and those who see him as a footballer with whom to make money. At 27 he still has many good games to offer.

Bale's case and chaos

Bale is a box of surprises. The Welshman, after a season at Tottenham, will have to return to Real Madrid, with whom he ends his contract in 2022. Very juicy weeks are coming about the future of a footballer who always leaves unpredictable messages when he speaks. In the last one he spoke of "a chaos" when his decision is known. So much so that it could be a recall announcement.

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Joao Félix's area

Although after the League title the messages about its continuity were rushed, it is not ruled out that Joao Félix enters some striking operation. The Portuguese concludes his contract in 2026 and after two seasons at Atlético, irregular in performance and minutes, he has in favor that at 21 years of age the future is his. The end of the season has shown that he is not essential at Atlético.

Varane clears everything

The sudoku of the Madrid defense goes through what Raphael Varane does, who ends his contract in June 2022. The player seems more outside than within Real Madrid, who could also take advantage of to get money for a center-back with a lot of market among the greats of the European football. His 28 years still give him several seasons in the elite.

Lautaro is a classic

A classic in marketing is Lautaro Martínez, a 23-year-old forward who triumphs at Inter Milan, with whom he has just won the 'scudetto'. The Argentine has a contract with the Milanese entity until 2023 and enjoys a price close to 75 million euros. It is a continuous objective of Barça, Atlético recently appeared among the suitors and Madrid has it aimed.

Another Morata summer

Again the future of Morato is unclear. Juventus has a purchase option on the forward, owned by Atlético until 2023. His future as a rojiblanco does not seem likely after he asked for his departure due to Simeone's lack of confidence. At 28 years old, he is looking for a team in which to maintain a cycle. The player takes it easy. "I do not know anything about my future, it is the summer I am calmer , " he said in an interview.

The magician Jadon Sancho

A Londoner who dribbles like a Brazilian. This is Jadon Sancho, a highly valued piece at 21 years old. He ends his contract with Dortmund in 2023. This interior, with a diabolical dribbling and an immense ability to give goals, seduces everyone. In other circumstances it would come out this summer. The German club has a difficult time not losing one of the two symbols, Haaland or Sancho.

Koundé's safe

The central Parisian has completed the season of his consecration in the elite. At the age of 22, the Sevilla defender is on the books of the most economically powerful clubs. Koundé has a release clause of 80 million, a wall that is not insurmountable for some. He has a contract until 2024. His campaign has led him to the European Championship.

Wijnaldum, total free

Liverpool are already prepared to lose one of their lungs in midfield. The Dutch Wijnaldum ends his contract and approaches the Barça shirt, which sees in this long-distance midfielder a reinforcement for a worn line. The culé club has had to intensify contacts to prevent the player from leaving for PSG , which has made him an important financial offer.

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The Depay chapters

Depay contract also terminates, which was a continuing request from Koeman. At zero cost, Barça has already taken over Agüero. He was general captain at Lyon, which has been left out of the next Champions League. His age, 27, makes him a very tempting player in the market.

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