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UEFA Refuses To Illuminate The Allianz Arena With The LGTB Flag

The highest body of continental football proposes other dates, understanding that the proposal of the mayor of Munich is "motivated by a political decision that has been taken by the Hungarian parliament."

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The UEFA announced today that it rejects the proposal of the mayor of Munich , Dieter Reiter , to light with rainbow colors stadium Allianz Arena in the city during the match between Germany and Hungary in support LGTBI cause. The highest body of European football has argued its decision in that it has proposed "alternative dates that better align with existing events."

The controversy comes after the organization chaired by Aleksander Ceferin initiated an investigation into the use of a rainbow flag bracelet by Manuel Neuer , captain of the German team, and the Reiter, on behalf of the city council, expose the request of the stadium "motivated by a political decision that has been taken by the Hungarian parliament", declares UEFA.

What the body does not specify is that said decision of the far-right Hungarian Government, chaired by Viktor Orban , is to veto in schools any type of school workshops, books and films that address issues of sex and gender, such as the famous saga of 'Harry Potter'. To that prohibition is added that of To that prohibition is added that of any type of advertising in which homosexuals or transgender people appear as part of normality.

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UEFA insists in its statement on the various campaigns it has been promoting in recent months, both inside and outside the Eurocup, and on the need to "make people aware that football is for everyone , no matter who they are, where they come from and how they play. " "Racism, homophobia, sexism and all forms of discrimination are a stain on our societies, and represent one of the biggest problems facing football today."However, the Ceferin body is" politically and religiously neutral", and given "the political context" of the request of the mayor of Munich, "rejects the request."

The organization, in a slight contradiction, adds that the Allianz can be illuminated on June 28 , Christopher Street Liberation Day, or between July 3 and 9, which is the week of Christopher Street Day in Munich. Never, yes, against Hungary.

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