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Wimbledon 2021 || Rafa Nadal, Doubts About Wimbledon And The Games

Ended Nadal played after the third defeat of his career yesterday at Roland Garros tracks with Novak Djokovic executioner.

The Spaniard, hot, did not clarify his calendar that should take him under normal conditions to play Wimbledon from June 28: 

We will see what is next, what will be my next event. This Saturday I will be at home with family and friends. I will try to rest a little bit both physically and mentally after two intense months, in a positive dirt season although without having achieved the final goal. The body after fighting every week for two months for clear goals gives you a slump. Wimbledon is in two weeks. It is different than when I was 25, 26 or 27 years old. Now I am 35. You have to see how I recover before making the decision of whether or not I play at Wimbledon. Right now I am not able to make a decision because I have neither the physicality nor the mental clarity to think two weeks from now. I need to give myself a few days of vacation and relaxation

The British tournament, which was suspended last year due to the pandemic, may mark a before and after in the race for being the tennis player with the most 'Grand Slam' titles in his record.

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Nadal defends the 2019 semifinals where he yielded to Roger Federer. The Swiss would later lose the final after two match points at service to Djokovic.

Similarly, Rafa questioned on May 11, coinciding with the start of the 1000 Masters in Rome, his presence at the Tokyo Olympics due to the world situation as a result of the pandemic.

In a normal year, my calendar is always clear to me since January 1, but this year is different. You have to be flexible. In a normal world I would never think of missing the Games, of course, we all know how important they are to me. In these situations, I don't know, we'll see in a couple of months

With just 35 years of age, the goal of the Spaniard is to extend his career as long as possible and he must listen to his body when making decisions about the route to follow.

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Tennis players are not passionate about the idea of playing an Olympic competition that breaks the calendar because it appears just before the American hard court tour with two Masters 1,000 such as Canada and Cincinnati and that ends with the dispute of the US Open. Nadal was already absent last year from the US Open to focus his preparation on achieving his thirteenth title at Roland Garros.

The man from Manacor did remark that he does not plan to play the Open 250 in Mallorca, the week before Wimbledon: 

I will not play in Mallorca, it is Friday, I just played a very long game and I am as old as I am. I would love to play in home, but I never play the week before a 'Grand Slam' and I'm not ready to start training on grass in three days, which is what I would have to do to be playing a tournament on grass in a week

Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal could meet in Mallorca before Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic will play the men's final at Roland Garros tomorrow, but he does not forget his preparation for Wimbledon, the third 'Grad Slam' of the season and where he defends the title achieved in 2019. It should be remembered that in 2020 the contest was suspended due to the pandemic.

Well, Djokovic, plans to train in Mallorca the week before the third big on the calendar. It should be remembered that the first edition of the Mallorca Championships will be played there on the grass courts of the Country Club de Santa Ponça.

The world number one had initially contacted Lorenzo Musetti to train with him on those dates taking advantage of the fact that the Italian was on the list of entries for the event . He even offered him the possibility of traveling with his private plane from Mallorca to London.

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Nadal questioned his presence at Wimbledon yesterday. If he plays, it is clear that he will use the Santa Ponça facilities as a training ground. And there he could coincide with Djokovic in the framework of a tournament directed by his uncle Toni Nadal.

The Serbian press speaks of "giant step" of Djokovic to be the best in history

The Serbian press celebrates this Saturday the victory of Novak Djokovic, world number one, against his historical rival, Rafael Nadal, in "an epic battle" last night to reach the final of Roland Garros.

"Through Nadal to the Final", headlines the daily Politika, which speaks of an "unforgettable match" by Djokovic against "the clay king.

"Djokovic and Nadal played another epic game, and saying that is not enough to describe what the two best tennis players of today have shown," adds the newspaper.

He praises that 

it was a duel that was worth watching (...) because aces of this nature will not appear on the tennis courts for the next hundred years

The newspaper indicates that the Serbian will have the opportunity in the final against the young Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, to win another Grand Slam, with which, if he succeeds, he would add 19 titles and approach the record shared by Nadal and Roger Federer, with 20.

The sports daily Sportski zurnal headlined "Nole illuminated Paris", in a match that lasted more than four hours, of which 93 minutes only in the third set. He points out that this triumph is "a giant step" towards the title of the best of all time.

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He adds that if he prevailed in the final, Djokovic would be the first player of the "Open era", since 1968, to win at least twice each of the four Grand Slam (Melbourne, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open).

"Dethroned", "King Nadal falls" ... This is how the French press sees Rafa's defeat

"Dethroned", "King Nadal falls", "party that enters the tennis legend". This is how the French press reported the defeat this Friday of the current Roland Garros champion, Rafa Nadal, against the Serbian Novak Djokovic.

L'Equipe dedicated its cover of the print edition to portray Nadal with a helpless grimace, on the left, while Djokovic appears in the photograph exulting with open arms.

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The newspaper recalls that Nadal did not lose a match at Roland Garros for six years, precisely against the Serbian, and analyzes the ability that Nole had to enter the game after going 5-0 down in the first set.

On the cover, he says that the meeting was "the most beautiful in the history of the tournament."

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Le Parisien, a popular headline, spoke of "the defeat of the King" (Nadal has 13 Roland Garros trophies) and the public channel Franceinfo believes that the match entered the tennis legend , especially highlighting the 93 minutes of the third set, closed with a "tie break" for Djokovic.

All the media also underlined the extraordinary repeal authorized by the French Presidency that allowed the Philippe Chatrier runway spectators to stay half an hour longer than that established by the curfew due to the restrictions by the covid-19.

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