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14-Year-Old Driver, Dies After An Accident

A terrible news comes from Motorland Aragón, as the 14-year-old pilot from Huelva, Hugo Millán, has died after a dramatic accident that occurred in the Talent Cup race, which was held this Sunday at the Alzañiz track.

The team driver crashed in the middle of the line and one of his rivals, Pawelec, couldn't help it, hitting him with the wheel in the back and neck area.

This fall, at turn 5, caused Millán to be taken off the asphalt by ambulance to be taken to the Motorland medical center, where he died without being able to do anything to revive him. Later, he was taken by helicopter to Zaragoza, where an autopsy will be performed.

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After knowing the news , the second race of the Moto2 European Championship and the second of the Talent Cup were suspended, the category where Hugo ran, who was second in the championship classification, after his teammate Xabi Zurutuza.

Cradle of Champions, Circuit de Cheste team

Hugo Millán, a member of the Cuna de Campeones in the Hawkers European Talent Cup, comes from a humble family, who had sacrificed a lot so that the boy could prove his worth, which was a lot, and already well known in his native Huelva. second overall in the championship.

"Hugo Millán Gracia, born on November 13, 2006 in Huelva, was formed from his beginnings in the world of motorcycling with the Cuna de Campeones, the driver's school of the Circuit Riocardo Tormo. From the Minimotos he has been growing until the current season in the one that was second in the classification of the Hawkers European Talent Cup".

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"From the Cradle of Champions we want to offer condolences to all his family, relatives and members of the team after this tragic event. We will always remember him for his smile, kindness, great heart and professionalism. Rest in peace," his team wrote in a communicated on its official page.

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, initially wanted to convey his support for the young promise of the motor world: "I hope it is a scare and that the strength and energy of our Super Hugo overcome the damage of the fall," he pointed out on social networks , as reported by 'Huelva24.com'. Seeing the accident, he was already rising to understand its seriousness. Finally, the very young rider could not get ahead.

Later, the mayor himself confirmed the harsh news. "How sad, what pain. One of the hardest lines I have to write, I never thought that I would have to fire Hugo Millan in circumstances other than his departure to a championship," he said on his Twitter account.

First death at the FIM since Andreas Pérez (Montmeló 2018)

This championship had not seen such a tragic day since June 5, 2018 in Montmeló, when Andreas Pérez, another 14-year-old driver, died in the same category of the European Talent Cup, in a test held in Montmeló, and under very similar, since he was run over on the descent of Turn 5 of the Circuit.

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