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F1 2021 || Alonso Aspires To 5th This Year And "To Perfection" In 2022

Either Alpine is coming back or Fernando Alonso is denying the team's computer simulations , which place him 12th in the race and then he is 10th. Or a bit of both so that the Spaniard has four races in a row in the points even though his car runs 7th in constructors.

"For whatever reason we have been more competitive at this circuit, but I am happy with the progress we have made in the last two weeks. Now it is up to us to maintain this kind of performance at Slverstone because if we do so it could put us between 7th or the 8th, and that would certainly be a big step forward, "says the Spaniard.

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Fernando was very angry in Austria because between the Vettelada on Saturday, where he could have qualified 6th, and the cafrada at the start on Sunday, he could not crystallize in points the true rhythm of a very intoned Alpine in the Red Bull Ring. That's why he's not worried about Williams' sudden rally. "I do not think the advantage will be shortened with Williams, they have made a step forward, yes, but last year they started on the 11th and it seems that the circuit is good for them, so we will have to wait a couple of races," says the Spaniard chatting with the Spanish press.

Fernando is aware that both his team and the rest of the teams, including Mercedes, are holding the handbrake with the improvements to this year's car and their fight will be for the final fifth place. "The second part of the year ... we will have to wait to see the benefits to 2022, because many teams are going to focus on that car , and what we will see will not be very different from one weekend to another," he analyzes.

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"We do not have a clear objective this season either in terms of the final number of points or the final position of the Constructors' World Cup, because the classification already seems certainly very established and I see that we will fight for fifth place with Aston Martin and Alpha Tauri," he acknowledges .

Fernando insists that there is another very important underground job for next year. "I think now it's more about building the team structure, fine-tuning a lot of things like stops (very slow again in Austria), race strategies and tire management, being as prepared as possible, optimizing. everything and as close to perfection for 2022 at least from this side, that of the track. The side of the car depends on the two factories of Viry and Enstone, that of producing the best possible car ", he closes.

Analysis: The Silverstone Talisman or Keep Falling

The trend is worrying for Mercedes , so much so that in the last five races, victory has always fallen on Red Bull's side. Looking back on the season, except in Portimao and Spain, where the Milton Keynes team failed in strategy, Max Verstappen has always had a car superior to Hamilton's. He has five victories today, but it could well be seven, without appealing to any strange alignment of the stars.

In the first date of the season, in Bahrain he had Hamilton beaten when he went slightly off the track to pass him. They ordered him to return to position and the Dutchman clearly rushed forward : instead of letting Lewis pass through the dirty area of   chips, he opened himself to leave the spot clean of the asphalt, leaving their tires full of rubber detritus. . That was why he could no longer catch up with the Englishman again in the four laps that were left to finish.

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The Baku thing is much more recent, with the blowout with two laps to go that made him crash against the wall. He would have finished with Verstappen in P1 and Hamilton in P3, that is 13 points more on his account, so he could easily be close to 50, instead of the current 32.

Silverstone, high voltage

The meeting in Great Britain, in just two weeks, is presented as a full-blown 'mach ball' for Mercedes. It's the talismanic setting for Hamilton, where he has tallied six wins and a second in the past seven years at Silverstone. Everything that is not cutting back the leader will begin to become difficult to overcome

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Toto Wolff, CEO of Mercedes, has warned that he has something prepared for the W12 in the home race (about 30 km from his factory in Brackley), but that much later is not planned. "There will be no major changes in the parts for the rest of the year. There is one more novelty that will come to the car at Silverstone, we had it up our sleeve for a long time," he acknowledged this weekend.

In case nothing changes, they may need to alter plans and continue to invest in the current car. Toto already warns that they do not give up for the moment: "It is not a word that enters our vocabulary. If I have to resign, they will see me fall grabbing a burning nail and with my sword raised," he says pulling epic after the double debacle of Spielberg. It is possible that they have something else stored in that symbolic sleeve that the Austrian manager mentions.

Hungary another Red Bull square

After Silverstone, the Great Circus will travel to Budapest, for the traditional appointment that marks the summer break. The so-called 'Permanent Monaco', due to its winding route and the low average speed of its lap, is one of Red Bull's favorite tracks, which has won in years without a champion car and which this year may be the beginning of the sentence of the World for Verstappen, seeing the qualities of his current RB16B.

Wolff, however, prefers to relativize that the championship is already decided. "I'm always a skeptical person and I see the glass as half empty, but in that case, I see the positive aspects and the first is that there are 13 races left. We are one abandonment of Red Bull, no more, and we have lost more points than we have. we should. We lost due to our own mistakes, "he says in a not too realistic analysis.

"Clearly, in Austria, or in the last few races, we have not had the performance that we should to fight Red Bull. We are very aware of that and we have to act together in each area and hopefully perform better on other tracks.", places the star's boss in F1.

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