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F1 2021 || "Fernando Alonso Is A Fox"

Alpine never cease to be surprised by the performances of Fernando Alonso every race that passes. The last stellar appearance of the Asturian was that of the F1 Sprint, the new classification as a short race, in which he left some in his own box speechless.

The chief executive of the French team, Marcin Budkowski, believes that Alonso is recreating his famous outings from the years when he won the F1 title.

Without a doubt he was the rider of the day. It is not awarded on Saturdays, but there should be one, because he was the rider of the day

says the Polish coach. 

I was not here in 2005 and 2006, I was at Ferrari, but some people tell me that now is a lot like the starts Fernando used to do in those days: a part of being smart and a bit of a fox, as well as taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way

A matter of smell, intelligence and experience

We know his racing ability is second to none, he's exceptional. Maybe it's a bit of experience too, because we saw Seb [Vettel], like Kimi. So maybe there are people who have a knack for that kind of thing

he explains. At Alpine they were not entirely convinced that the new format would provide an added spectacle, but Alonso was in charge of making the proposal good.

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We had doubts that it was entertaining, but it was actually quite good. First of all, there was the head fight and the change of position (with Verstappen stopping Hamilton). And there were also people gaining positions early in the midfield. . there was more action on the track I thought, because, really, there is no point to the end of this race, so I thought it would take drivers more carefully

says Budkowski. 

But really, when they lower the visor they just want to run. We saw a lot of good races in 17 laps

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