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Olympic Games 2021 || New Positives For Covid-19 ... And One For Cocaine!

The numbers of positive cases are growing in Japan. In total, counting all types of personnel associated with the Games, eight more cases have already been added this Wednesday than on Tuesday. The last two, according to 'Inside the games' are those of the Chilean taekwondo player Fernanda Aguirre and the skater from the Netherlands Candy Jacobs.

The taekwondo player tested positive for covid-19 upon arrival in Japan and will not be able to compete in these Games, according to the Chilean Olympic Committee in a statement. Fernanda Aguirre , a bronze medalist at the 2019 Pan American Games, has no symptoms but will not be able to be from the game in the women's -57 kg events to be held on the 25th.

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Jacobs' case is different. His is the fourth for an athlete who has tested positive in the Olympic Village, after South African footballers Thabiso Monyane and Kamohelo Mahlatsi and Czech beach volleyball player Ondej Perui did.

A very different positive

Jamie Kermond, an Australian jumper, will not be able to compete in these Games after testing positive for cocaine. The Australian Olympic Team Selection Committee warned that it would study the case of an athlete who is now provisionally suspended. Kermond tested positive in a control carried out on June 26 by Sport Integrity Australia , the result was not the desired one and that is why he did not take his plane to Tokyo.

More problems from traffic and airports

The traffic restrictions of the Olympic Games are leaving drivers furious at the stoppages and stagnation according to reports from 'The Asahi Shimbun'. The same happens on arrivals at airports, where staff are overwhelmed. The officials who work in them, according to the same medium, "are expressing their frustration in the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympics over the failure of their measures against the coronavirus, which has caused confusion, delays and anger in the arrivals of entry to Japan".

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Olympic positives outside of Japan

Outside of Japan, the number of infections among Olympic athletes also continues to rise. The last have been two Mexican baseball players Héctor Velázquez and Sammy Solís are isolated from the rest of the members of the Mexican Olympic baseball team, the Mexican federation reported on Monday.

"After the PCR studies carried out on Sunday, July 18, at the beginning of the concentration of the Mexican baseball team, two asymptomatic positive cases due to covid-19 were reported, " says a statement.

The Mexican team completed its first training session this Monday, in the afternoon in Asia, to adapt faster to the conditions of the competition venue in which they will play in group A against Japan and the Dominican Republic.

Two days before the Tokyo Olympic Games begin, the ghosts return about a possible cancellation of the Olympic event, due to the increase in positive cases of COVID in the Olympic family. As the delegations have been arriving in the Japanese capital, the trail of positives for Covid-19 does not stop and 72 people have been infected related to the Games.

Therefore, on Tuesday, the head of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee, Toshiro Muto, assured that the possibility that the Games could be postponed again or even canceled if COVID cases continue to skyrocket has not been completely ruled out. "We cannot predict what will happen in the future with the number of coronavirus cases. So what we will do is discuss the different scenarios if there is a rebound in cases," Muto said.

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The head of the Committee pointed out that "at this point, the cases of coronavirus may increase or decrease, so we will think about what we should do when the situation arises."

A figure that, day by day, has not stopped growing since the beginning of July despite the strict security measures implemented by the Japanese Government not only for athletes, but for the entire Olympic family.

The Chilean taekwondo Fernanda Aguirre has tested positive Tuesday upon arrival in Japan and can not compete in the Games since their category (-57 kg) competes on 25 and will have to keep 10 - day quarantine. He arrived from Uzbekistan with negative PCR tests required by the organization of the Games, but tested positive at the airport , according to the statement.

According to the protocol established by the authorities of the host country, the athlete was transferred to health facilities and not to the Olympic Village, where she must keep a quarantine of at least ten days.

Aguirre, a bronze medalist at the 2019 Pan American Games, is asymptomatic and in good condition. As a precautionary measure, they also transferred José Zapata to the sanitary facilities, despite his negative results at the airport.

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