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Premier League || Player Arrested For Alleged Sexual Offenses Against Minors

Dismay in the world of football in England. A 31-year-old Premier League player has been arrested on suspicion of alleged sexual crimes against minors , according to information from newspapers such as 'Daily Mail', 'Mirror' and 'The Sun'.

The footballer, who is married and whose identity has not been disclosed, was arrested on Friday by the Greater Manchester Police and later released on bail pending further investigations. Agents also searched his home for evidence.

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"The police confiscated several articles. And he was interrogated in relation to very serious crimes," said a source from the security forces, in statements collected by English newspapers.

The footballer has been temporarily separated from the club to which he belongs in the Premier League. And the English newspapers also collect that the footballer's companions are very affected after hearing the news.

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The statement with which the police announced the arrest was as follows: "The agents arrested a 31-year-old man on Friday, July 16, 2021, on suspicion of sexual crimes against minors. He is on police bail pending further research".

Everton statement

The Everton, meanwhile, issued a brief statement on its website confirming that one of his players has been set apart. "Everton can confirm that they have suspended a player from the first team pending a police investigation. The club will continue to support the authorities in their inquiries and will not make further statements at this time," it can be read.

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