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TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC || This Will Be The Olympic Games Of The Pandemic

The Tokyo Olympic Games will be remembered as the Pandemic Games and although they are held a year later than planned, they have wanted to maintain the Tokyo 2020 nomenclature. For the second time in history, the Japanese capital will host an Olympic event - it already did. in 1964-, this time from July 23 to August 8. During 17 days, 33 competitions will take place, a record number, with 339 events taking place in 42 competition venues. Football, as always, will start before the opening ceremony, specifically on the 21st. Also baseball and softball.

North Korea is the only country that, so far, has announced that it will not participate due to Covid-19. The athletes, technical bodies, members of federations, the press and the rest of the participants in the Olympic movement will be part of a huge bubble to avoid contagion with the locals. A large majority of Japanese - polls say up to 80% - are against holding the Games given the current situation of the pandemic worldwide, which is why the measures are extremely restrictive.

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Strict security measures against coronavirus

For the Olympic Games to be held in the midst of a pandemic, the International Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee have worked closely with the Organizing Committee to develop a series of security measures that serve to prevent the contagion and spread of the coronavirus and a strategy manual COVID-19 for events.

It is not mandatory for athletes to arrive in Japan vaccinated, but it is recommended. They have calculated that 80% of the occupants of the Olympic Village will be. The Organizing Committee has also asked the countries to limit their stay in Japanese territory as much as possible. Athletes, who will have to do two previous PCRs before traveling - one 96 hours before and another 48 - and will undergo another upon arrival at Tokyo airport, will not be able to access the Olympic Village until five days before starting to compete. and they will have to leave it within 48 hours after the end of their participation.

Athletes will not have to comply with the 14-day quarantine currently required by the Japanese Government for all travelers arriving from abroad, although they will have to undergo new tests upon arrival in the country and subsequently daily for the duration of their stay, in addition to wearing a mask most of the time (the exceptions will be when they eat, drink, sleep, train or compete) and they will have restricted mobility.

The participants in the Games must also submit an activity plan detailing all their planned movements and adhere to it, as well as "minimize contact" with other athletes, according to the manual, which also warns that failure to comply with these guidelines could lead to disqualification. In addition, they will only be able to use the means of transport authorized by the organization and not public transport, and they will only be able to eat at their accommodation facilities and at the competition and training venues.

What happens if an athlete tests positive at the Games? Will you be automatically disqualified?

Athletes who test positive for COVID-19 during the Games will not be disqualified and will receive the minimum prize they would have won had they gone ahead. As explained by the sports director of the IOC, the New Zealander Kit McConnell, each federation has developed a plan to manage the reallocation of places and prizes in case a participant is withdrawn by coronavirus. If a team cannot play a final due to positives in its squad, it will be replaced by another, but that team will receive the silver medal. He would be replaced, if possible, by the team he faced in the quarterfinals.

In individual sports, substitutions will be easier in those that take place over many days, such as tennis, than in others that are decided in a single day, such as the different weights of taewondo or judo.

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Athletes who cannot start a test will be listed as DNS ('Did Not Start'), not DSQ (disqualified). It may be the case, said the manager, that a test has multiple medalists: those who win the competition and those who could have won it if they had participated.

Will there be an audience at the Tokyo Games?

The Japanese government has banned foreign visitors from the Tokyo Olympics to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They will not have spectators due to the increase in coronavirus cases in the Tokyo metropolitan area, according to Tamayo Marukawa, Minister for the Games

What are the new Olympic sports?

There are four new ones and baseball and softball return to the Olympic program after being excluded for Beijing 2008. Karate , surfing , skateboarding and climbing are debuting. And there are 15 new events within existing sports, such as 3x3 basketball , freestyle BMX, and various sports will add relays and other competitions for mixed teams, including track and field, triathlon, archery or table tennis.

The karate will be Olympic first and only since 2024 in Paris out of the program of the Games.

How many locations are there?

In total there are 42. More than half of them, 24, were already built and some are 'inherited' from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, 10 will be temporary and 8 will be permanent. Most of the Olympic events will be held in the city itself and there will be two main zones that will be linked physically and metaphorically on the map. The Heritage Zone or Heritage Zone (the area of   the Olympic Games of 64) located in the metropolitan area and the new Tokyo Bay Area, which will have 13 venues between the district of Ariake, Odaiba and the surrounding artificial islands. The Olympic Village is located at the meeting point between the two, thus uniting the past and the present. Saitama, Yokohama, Fukushima, Sendai (Miyagi), Sapporo, Enoshima and Izu will also host Olympic competitions.

Tokyo 2020 mascots

Miraitowa is the mascot for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. It is an indigo blue futuristic character who has the Tokyo 2020 emblem on his head and body, as well as the super power to instantly transport himself to any place he wants. The design process included 5 million children throughout Japan who gave their opinion and approval to the different proposals. Miraitowa's personality is inspired by the Japanese proverb "Learn from the past and develop new ideas." Miraitowa is a cheerful, athletic pet with a great sense of integrity.

Someity is the mascot of the Paralympic Games. Its name comes from a type of cherry tree (Someiyoshino) and its combination with the English expression so mighty (very powerful). He is capable of displaying great mental and physical strength, representing Paralympic athletes, who have overcome obstacles and redefined the limits of what is possible. It has large superpowers and touch sensors on each side of its face to send and receive messages telepathically. In addition, this pet is able to fly using its cape and move objects without touching them.

The medals

They are all made with recycled material. They have been designed by Junichi Kawanishi and manufactured from recycling small electronic devices such as used cell phones throughout Japan. The Organizing Committee explained that it wanted to reflect the effort of athletes to "fight for victory every day to achieve glory" and that the medals "resemble rough stones that have been polished and now shine, with 'light' and 'brilliance' as its general themes. "

The medal has a diameter of 85 millimeters and a weight of 556 grams for gold, 550 for silver and 450 for bronze. On its obverse appears the image of Nike, the Goddess of Victory, in front of the Panathinaikos Stadium, accompanied by the Olympic symbol and the official name of the respective Games.

The logotype

The organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games had to give up the first logo they presented in September 2015 after being accused of plagiarism. It looked too much like an Olivier Debie design for the theater in the Belgian city of Liège. Eight months later, the one we know today was presented, a traditional Japanese blue motif, with the mention 'Tokyo 2020' and the Olympic rings.

The torch relay

The Olympic torch relay began on March 25, 2021 and will pass through the 47 prefectures of Japan until reaching the Tokyo Olympic Stadium on July 23. It started in Fukushima Prefecture.

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