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A Barcelona In 'Shock' After Giving Up Messi Has Not Yet Been Able To Register His Four Signings

The confusion is total in Barcelona and the responses of those who populate some of the offices are loaded with adjectives that invite despair. In the board of directors itself some cracks have begun to become visible, existing but barely perceptible a few weeks ago, but evident once Joan Laporta made the decision not to renew Leo Mess the change to protect the viability of the club and keep alive the scarecrow of the Super League. A decision that will mark a mandate that has just begun.

In Paris, with fans already stationed in front of the doors of the Parc des Princes, they continued this Monday awaiting the arrival of Messi. The Argentine striker was still sheltering at home, this time with his intimate Luis Suárez. And both his father, Jorge , and his lawyers were in charge of reviewing both the employment contract and the image rights of the offer made by PSG, encrypted by the newspaper L'Équipe at 40 million net per season, with two years link plus other optional.

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Barcelona's concerns have more to do with the post-Messi era. And among them, the financial balances to be made so that their four signings ( Memphis Depay, Sergio Agüero , Eric García and Emerson Royal ) are compatible with LaLiga's financial Fair Play. To date, none of them have been entered in the competition. According to sources from Barcelona,   the idea is to start doing it from next Friday, August 13. That is, two days before Ronald Koeman's team opens at the Camp Nou against Real Sociedad. It is played to the limit.

Laporta, in the appearance in which he tried to argue the departure of Messi, assured that the four signings could be registered. "According to our calculations," he said. And without saying when.


The Barcelona would have generated more than 120 million euros between capital gains and payroll savings from July 1. Everything goes through the 25% rule of LaLiga (article 100 of the Budgeting Regulations), given that the Barça club, whose spending on salaries represents 95% of income despite Messi's departure and whose staff has a cost of about 567 million, continues to exceed the salary limit. So for every 25 million cost that a new footballer has (between amortizations and salaries), the club must generate 100 million between cuts and capital gains.

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The main priority right now is to be able to enroll Memphis Depay , whose gross salary is around ten million euros. The immediate presence of the Dutch forward is presumed indispensable given that he is called to carry a good part of the offensive weight of the team together with Antoine Griezmann . In addition, the former Olympique de Lyon footballer is coming off a remarkable performance against Juventus in the Joan Gamper trophy.

Barcelona found that Sergio Agüero's inscription could wait. The regulations of the Spanish Federation allow footballers who have arrived with the freedom letter to be registered outside the transfer windows (the summer window ends on August 31). Agüero, Depay and Eric García meet that requirement. In addition, Kun, who suffered a tendon injury to the inner calf of his right leg, learned that he will not be able to make his debut with the Barça team until late October or early November. This greatly expands the registration margin.

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As for center-back Eric García, who has just played both the Eurocup and the Tokyo Olympics , he will not yet be available for the match against Real Sociedad . While the side Emerson Royal, rescued from Betis and who played his first half hour as a Barça player in the Gamper, he must trust that his club will manage to fit his registration before August 31.

Barcelona, in any case, hopes to clear up such a dark panorama during the last two weeks of August. After transferring Trincao , Junior Firpo and Todibo, and firing Matheus Fernandes , he still has a lot to do. How to close the loan to Juventus of Miralem Pjanic and thus save at least his salary (about 14 million euros gross), but not the pending amortization (45 million in total, 15 this season). Pjanic was whistled by the fans at the Gamper, although not as viciously as Samuel Umtiti, who continues to be implored to find a way out.

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The salary cut for the four new captains (Sergio Busquets , Gerard Piqué , Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba, who is new to responsibility) is also pending despite the urgency of the situation. Barça is in shock.

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