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FIFA 22 || Everything We Know About FIFA 22 So Far: When It Comes Out, Its Price, Its New Game Modes ...

What is known about FIFA 22? The question of each summer (changing the number that accompanies the word FIFA) has already arrived in the new edition of the football simulator preferred by the Community.

In the absence of ratios, averages and Ultimate Team cards and a greater depth in the explanation of what will come in Career Mode , we are going to compile everything that EA Sports has been letting us see dropper about its star video game.

Departure date

One of the few things clear. On October 1, everyone who wants to play FIFA 22 will have a copy of FIFA 22 at their disposal. So, stick with that date: October 1st.

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Now, as usual, FIFA 22 will come out with different versions on the market. Those who opt for the more expensive Ultimate Edition get access a few days earlier, on September 27.

What does the Ultimate Team version of FIFA 22 have?

FUT hero item

4-day early access

FUT Promises article

4600 FIFA Points

1 jug of TOTW and art. loan from Mbappé

Art. Choice jug. ced ambassador. FUT

Local talent in Career mode

What are the prices of the versions of FIFA 22?

The standard version will cost 69.99 euros in its version for PS4 and 79.99 euros in its version for PlayStation 5

The Ultimate version, only available for PS5, will cost 99.99 euros

What about the PC version?

You may be sure we haven't talked about the PC version yet. And it is because, one more year, it is the most forgotten for EA Sports, who has already confirmed that all the improvements, including Hype rMotion, will not be included in the PC version. So the PC game will be exactly the same as the PlayStation 4 game, to summarize.

What is Hypermotion, the new game engine in FIFA 22?

Technology is an advance in terms of movements and gameplay, 11 vs 11 matches have been captured, where the players wore the Xsens suit, which allows to collect all the player's movements and be able to convert them into useful information for the player. Game development

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For the first time, Xsens suits have made it possible to capture the movements of 22 professional footballers playing at high intensity. The sheer volume of high-quality data obtained from real people defines the movements of players and teams in FIFA 22.

Xsens suits record for the first time every touch, tackle, sprint and duel of the 22 players playing at maximum intensity, and capture data that is used in more than 4,000 new animations in FIFA 22, increasing intensity, responsiveness and the physical presence of all players.

A remodeled Career Mode

Now you can create your club mode. We can start our Career Mode either by being the coach of a 'real' club, or by directing our own team, which we can found, create a shield, create a stadium ... and take it to the top. Or the lowest, according to our ability.

In addition, the possibility of modifying the kits, the crest and even the stadium, will thus delight all those who for so long have not found the Career Mode of their dreams in FIFA . Will this finally be a Career Mode that lives up to expectations?

New analysis of matches and players

The all-new Player Performance screen lets you know how each player has contributed to the team on the Summary screen, as well as providing a detailed breakdown of their own overall performance on the Possession, Shooting, Passing, Defense, and Goalkeeping screens.

Starting with the Match Facts screen, the new images will help you compare the performance between you and your opponent on the revamped summary screen. You can also get a more detailed breakdown of key aspects of the game, including possession, shooting, passing, and defense.

The trailers with gameplays that have come out so far

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