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Juicy Transfers And Saving Chips, this is often How Real Madrid Has Filled The penny bank To Bid For Kylian Mbappé

Getting through Cape Horn from the deep crisis generated by the soccer pandemic requires courage and knowledge in managing economic storms. Florentino Pérez knows tons that . While Barcelona is drowning in ruin caused by an inflated wage bill and chaotic sports policy, Real Madrid is riding the tsunami of a season filled with uncertainties with balance.

To stand upright, a solid base is required, which is why within the Santiago Bernabéu offices they feed the cash with the sale of money and lighten it with an austere expense and therefore the reduction of investments. Collect then expand. Fatten a succulent penny bank to face the signing of Kylian Mbappé , that they need already presented a suggestion of 160 million euros after the umpteenth French refusal to renew with PSG. The footballer wants to hitch Real Madrid, but at the white club he won't take false steps. Yesterday's are going to be his "first and last offer", because he plays with the cardboard that from January it'll come for free of charge . within the white club they also know that the sheikh who owns the Parisian club isn't overwhelmed by failing to enter 160 million.

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In this summer of shortage of signings, Madrid has made cash. He has received around 90 million for the transfers of Raphael Varane to Manchester United (50 million) and Martin Odegaard to Arsenal (40 million). thereto amount must be added three million for the extension of the loan of Brahim Díaz to Milan. the child is delighted together with his experience in Italy. within the premiere of this season, last Monday, he was decisive when he scored the winning goal for his team against Sampdoria.

But within the account balance, saving within the players' chips also acquires great relevance. during this chapter, the 24 million which will remain within the coffers for the non-renewal of Sergio Ramos's contract stand out . the previous captain, who are going to be a reference within the back of PSG, received around 12 million net. Varane's token amounted to 12 million, Brahim to about seven and Odegaard's, to five. In total, some 48 million are saved, which along side the 93 of transfers add up to 141 million, an amount very on the brink of the offer presented to undertake the transfer of Mbappé.

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Real Madrid, contrary to what happens to Barcelona, would haven't any problems registering the French striker by complying with the financial fair play rules established by the football League.


In summer, the activity within the offices doesn't rest. Yesterday, additionally to presenting the offer for the Frenchman, the extension of Valverde's contract until 2017 was closed. The Uruguayan midfielder, only 23 years old, may be a walk in the park for the longer term. another member on the list of renewed this season, which incorporates Carvajal, Lucas Vázquez, Benzema, Courtois or Modric.

And the machines don't stop. the development of the Bernabéu stadium is accelerating and therefore the public are going to be ready to return (around 40% of the capacity) to the renovated venue on 9/11, within the league match against Celta, at 4.15 pm. A premiere that some still dream of is adorned with the presence of Kylian Mbappé. the choice, within the hand of the Qatari sheikh.

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