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Lionel Messi Leaves FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi's era at FC Barcelona has come to an end. The 34-year-old football superstar from Argentina was unable to sign a new contract due to financial and structural obstacles in the statutes of the Spanish league, the club said. "Both sides deeply regret that the wishes of the player and the club are ultimately not fulfilled."

Initially, the association did not give details of why it was not possible to continue the collaboration. It could be the rules of financial fair play in Messi's adopted home. The league sets the upper limits of the total allowable amount for club salaries. The upper limit should result from the difference between income and expenditure. The six-time world footballer has been without a contract since July 1st.

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In 2000 he moved to Spain with his father from his home in Rosario, Argentina, and matured into a superstar in Barcelona. In addition to a total of 35 titles with FC Barcelona,  Messi is the top goalscorer in the club's 121-year history with 672 goals. He played 778 games for FC Barcelona.

Just under a month ago, Messi had won a title with the Argentine national team for the first time. In the final of the Copa America he defeated defending champions Brazil 1-0 in Rio de Janeiro.

Messi really wanted to leave in the summer

Last summer he wanted to leave FC Barcelona before his contract expired . Indiscretions on the part of those responsible and the humiliating 8-2 defeat in the Champions League quarter-finals against FC Bayern had shaken the trust between Messi and the club.Messi wanted to leave, but the stipulated insane 700 million as a transfer fee and the veto of the club's president at the time, Josep Bartomeu, prevented him. The fact that striker partner Luis Suárez was later sold and celebrated the championship title with Atlético Madrid didn't make it any better.

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In March of this year, Joan Laporte returned to the post of club boss, hoping that Messi would be appeased and opt for another contract. Laporte had been president when Messi started his professional career at Barça at the age of 17.

At the end of May, FC Barcelona announced that the Argentine Sergio Agüero would be coming. The matter then actually seemed clear, according to media reports, Messi even wanted to forego half of his previous salary and sign for another five years. But then everything turned out differently.

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