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Lionel Messi || PSG - Barça || The Story Of Contempt

The moment was left in a haze. Among all those nonsense that marked the era of Josep Maria Bartomeu in Barcelona. The former Barça president was at a thrilling moment. After his interim period in office after the resignation of Sandro Rosell, Bartomeu swept Joan Laporta in the 2015 elections. The campaign was spent showing a cardboard panel with the slogan: "We have a triplet, we have a trident". The team then trained by Luis Enrique and with Leo Messi, Neymar and Luis Suárez at the offensive point, had just won the triple crown, reigning in the Berlin Champions League.

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Even with the triumphant hangover, and despite the fact that former manager Javier Faus had agreed to a renewal agreement for Qatar Airways to continue promoting the shirt for just over 60 million euros, Bartomeu was overcome by greed. In October 2015, he was planted in Doha with the then Vice President Manel Arroyo . Both wanted the emirate to pay more than previously agreed. They were not even received and had to return to Barcelona without any agreement and with the feeling that it would have consequences. A few months later the agreement with Rakuten would arrive.

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A relationship started by Rosell and which had led Barcelona to replace UNICEF with Qatar Foundation through the Qatar Sports Investments company, was closed in a bad way . Coincidence or not, the years ended up turning PSG, owned, yes, by the Qatar Sports Investments fund of the emirate's royal family, into one of the Barça club's main enemies.

The disputes between both entities began to be fierce. If anything, the only time that Barcelona was victorious was that night of 6-1 in the Champions League that was useless. Then, Neymar was the one who commanded the comeback and Messi, raised as a messiah against the Camp Nou, who starred in an iconic photograph. Both are now banners of the Parisian club.

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Barcelona ran into a wall in their attempts to sign Marquinhos , Verratti -even forced to change their representative for PSG-, Rabiot or Di María , who came to have an agreement with Barcelona. Although nothing like the signing of Neymar in the summer of 2017. The Parisian club paid his clause of 222 million euros, and Barcelona, before undertaking the two most expensive signings in its history (Coutinho and Dembélé) accused him of inflating the market bubble with the money of a state.

Two years ago, Bartomeu claimed to dream of recovering Neymar. PSG never allowed it. If the Brazilian was going to meet Messi it would only be in Paris.

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