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Mbappé Smiles In The Final Sprint Of Real Madrid To Convince PSG

In the middle of last week, Real Madrid made a decision. PSG having rejected its initial offer for Kylian Mbappé, it hastened to make a second one that would improve the previous one and accelerate the closing of the operation. Shortly after receiving the first "no", the white board put 180 million on the PSG table . At the Santiago Bernabéu they were confident that the Qatari sheiks would accept the offer before the weekend, where all the focus would be on Leo Messi's debut in Reims , thus preventing Mbappé from playing one more minute in Ligue 1. Nothing further of reality.

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The PSG, which admitted on Thursday to be studying the offer, in a leak that caused the alegrías meringues, has been silent for four days. And this Sunday in Reims Pochettino lined up the forward in the starting line-up and made him complete the entire game, 96 minutes , without a gesture of negotiating with anyone, lengthening the Madrid agony and maintaining the theoretical dominant position of the leadership of the Parisian team.

Because in the upper echelons of Chamartín it is believed that this tense wait is due to two reasons. First, the search against the clock for a new star that Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo are doing, singing voices in Paris. They have fondled Haaland and Richarlison unsuccessfully for the moment. And second, as in any negotiation between businessmen of such a level, to a matter of pride, image and power . And the PSG, absent the money in its priorities, wants all three.


The owners of the French team, powerless in the face of Mbappé's constant refusals to renew and with a point of anger for imagining him in white, have wanted to stretch the gum of the negotiation until today, on 'D Day', the penultimate day before the closing of the market and the moment that Madrid has confirmed as the " deadline " to receive a response. It is time to say "yes" or "no", silence no longer works. It is the last sprint of this race.

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At the Bernabéu, Al-Khelaifi's attitude is not surprising because they have already dealt with almost all the great bosses of continental football, but they are worried about time. Either they receive an answer or the bureaucracy would compromise to register Mbappé in case of signing him, with the famous De Gea fax still in memory. In spite of everything, the Madrid directive has maintained a tense calm throughout the weekend. They know that the footballer wants to play in Madrid and that he will do so this summer or next. Time is not running in his favor this week, but Mbappé's wishes do. Whether or not PSG wants to receive financial compensation for his departure is the decision of the sheiks, they insist.

After being a starter in the victory against Reims, scoring two goals and celebrating them normally, Mbappé will arrive this Monday at the concentration of the French team in Clairefontaine , where he will meet Benzema . The Madrid forward did a great managerial job during the Euro, approaching the young man and selling him the benefits of the white house. That job is done and now he only has to wait for PSG's response.

The Madrid dressing room does not live outside the market and awaits the arrival of Mbappé, aware of the scoring problems they had during the last seasons. In Valdebebas , yes, departures are not ruled out in case the French lands: Mariano, with a salary that is difficult to place, and Luka Jovic, with more poster, are on the take-off ramp.

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