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PSG Suffers To Beat Strasbourg With Messi In The Box

Under the watchful eye of Lionel Messi in the stands, PSG suffered to beat Racing Strasbourg 4-2, showing their offensive power with Mbappé and Icardi but showing their shortcomings behind. Kevin Gameiro and Ajorque tried to bring their team closer to a draw, but it was not enough.

Not even five minutes passed on the scoreboard when the Parque de los Príncipes was already singing the first by Mauro Icardi, from head to center by Diallo . The Argentine striker chained two rounds scoring, making clear his intentions not to be the 'relegated' by the incorporation of Neymar and Messi.

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Plugged in, Mbappé also came out , key to increasing the advantage. At 25 'he faced on the left and released a shot at the far post that hit Ajorque and slipped into the goal. And a couple of minutes later he again wreaked havoc on the wing to leave only Draxler and the German to score 3-0.

But things changed after the break. Kevin Gameiro fired up before his former team and scored the 3-1 header to scare the Parisian defense. Ajorque, for his part, redeemed his penalties from the goal against scoring the second to push even more, but again Mbappé appeared to assist Sarabia 5 'from the end and decree the final 4-2.

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