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An Italian Boxer Is Suspended For His Nazi Tattoos

Italian boxer Michele Broili was suspended by the Italian federation due to his "tattoos with Nazi symbols and evocations", after the controversy that began almost a week earlier when wearing them in an official fight. The 28-year-old Broili's tattoos were denounced by various Italian media after he fought and lost in Trieste on Saturday in a bout for the Italian super featherweight title.

The winner of the match, Hassan Nourdine , 34, told the media that he had been "disgusted" to see "the tattoos on Broili's body praising Nazism" as well as the "Roman greetings" in the stands.

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Nourdine added that Broili had been "friendly" before and after the fight. 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' described as "unacceptable" that the boxer stepped into the ring with his tattoos, "with various Nazi symbols" on his torso.

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The Italian Boxing Federation court decided to suspend the Trieste native boxer until at least November 19, the date scheduled for the end of the preliminary investigation opened by the federal prosecutor. "The court considers that displaying tattoos with Nazi symbols and evocations without equivocation in public in an official sports competition represents serious and unjustified behavior for a graduate (of the federation)," he said.

The National Office for the Fight against Racial Discrimination (UNAR), linked to the prime minister, was outraged that the combat was held under these conditions. "We ask for clarification of the reasons why with this serious conduct it was not decided to immediately interrupt the duel and why it has taken so long to deal with a manifest case of apology for Nazism," said the director of the organization, Triantafillos Loukarelis, in a statement.

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