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Champions League 2021 - 2022 || MANCHESTER UNITED - VILLARREAL (2-1) | Cristiano Ronaldo Executes Villarreal Endangerment In The 95th Minutes

The Villarreal left alive at the Manchester United and ended up paying in a game where they took advantage of his clear superiority over one hour. An inspired David de Gea aborted the numerous arrivals of the yellows until Paco Alcácer put Unai Emery's men ahead , who did not know how to defend their income and ended up allowing the English to come back with a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in discount.

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You can hardly do more than what Villarreal did to score a goal in an anthological first half and, despite this, they went into the break with their score at zero after having passed over Manchester United. David de Gea was the main responsible. Everything that the Spanish goalkeeper did not stop in the penalty shoot-out of the Gdansk final (he did not stop a single one of the Castellón's eleven shots) stopped him at Old Trafford, where Emery's team further fueled doubts about whether this United can really be considered the favorite of the group.

Solskjaer's is a team that seems to have stayed in no man's land. It does not have the quality to combine of its neighbors in City or the physique that rivals such as Liverpool or Chelsea display to give vertigo to the games. Unable to dominate in the center of the field, he gave the feeling that his only resource to do damage had to be some genius of his men above, something not ruled out having a player like Cristiano on the grass, the top scorer in the history of the competition and now also the player with the most matches.

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The Portuguese appeared little, like his compatriot Bruno Fernandes , the only footballer who seems capable of giving some imagination to the bland Mancunian game. The truth is that the English were clearly surpassed by a superb Villarreal from top to bottom who was only lacking a little more success at the time of finishing the numerous occasions he had.


He started by claiming the Danjuma focus, a footballer who has adapted in record time and whose performance is being immediate. The Dutchman embittered the night for Wan-Bissaka's replacement on the right-hand side, a Dalot who was unable to stop the yellow winger's attacks. On that left wing came the first two dangerous actions by the yellows, a crossed shot by Danjuma after a good maneuver in the area and a header from Paco Alcácer to the center of the Dutchman. De Gea responded brilliantly to both, an authentic supporter of a United that was leaking everywhere.

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Villarreal's deep balls did a lot of damage to the English defense and gave the people of Castellón new options, as in two separate shots from Yeremy and Paco Alcácer who narrowly left. The canary had the last one before the break but again ran into a good intervention from De Gea.

The insistence Villarreal ended up having reward just around the locker room, another good combination between Danjuma and Paco Alcacer, who finished in front of goal between the legs of De Gea for his first goal of the season just before leaving injured.


It seemed that United were waiting for that blow to react because it was after the goal that Solskjaer's men offered their best minutes, to the point that, with a little more success, they could have turned the game around.

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The tie was signed by Alex Telles, who volleyed the delivery from the side of the area of Bruno Fernandes in a rehearsed play. Just a minute later, Rulli barely caught a underdog shot from a disappointing Jadon Sancho , who slipped just as he hit the ball. With United already clearly in command, Cavani forgave by heading out with all the goal for him but Ronaldo did not do so in discount, after De Gea had once again saved his team.

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