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Champions League | PSG 2-0 Manchester City | Messi Opens In Paris And Rounds Off PSG's Insurance Victory

Genius against the system, anger against order, luck against bad luck. Stumbling forward in the face of style. With those basic weapons, Paris Saint Germain managed to outperform the sophisticated Manchester City. And of course! With Messi that premiered in Paris. The goal won the game (2-0)

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The 1-0 came early. The signing that has shown the most in the field, arrived from Inter for 65 kilos, Achraf Hakimi put a ball for Mbappé to make the death pass from the lime. He was hunted by Gueye who shot Ederson after a Neymar semi-falcon. It was minute 8 and PSG found the prize for their courage, so many times in question, last night present in each ball, really fought.

They were able to equalize the celestial ones in the 29 when they crashed the ball twice in the crossbar. First Sterling head and then Bernardo Silva, after touching Donnarumma. The Italian goalkeeper took Navas's place in the eleven yesterday and showed why he is the European champion with several worthwhile saves.

The City dominated the situation closing in the environs of its area to those of Pochettino. Attempts to go out playing the ball of PSG died soon in that high pressing that Guardiola's men execute so well. The only way to get out of the fence was to throw the ball long to Mbappé so that he would run past his marker and cross. But neither Messi, nor Herrera nor Marquinhos will hit the mark. Cancelo , surpassed by the world champion, won a card. How difficult it is to stop Mbappé in the race!

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The overwhelm in the Parisian area was accentuated in the second half with Marquinhos shrinking balls and Donnarumma clearing when his defenders did not give enough.

And then we reached minute 73. One more counterattack. Only this time the ball Messi goes up. Like lightning. A pass to the edge of the area to Mbappé that returns it with a subtle touch. And the 30 places it on the network. The one who had retained although the years do not pass in vain. The Park of the Princes surrendered to Messi. First goal of the six-fold Golden Ball. Paris liberated.

There is a long season to go but PSG, which dominates the Ligue with a full of victories, the last ones rushing the hour, won an important match yesterday. After the bath that the Manchester troops gave them in the semifinals of the Champions League in this same scenario, the victory has the flavor of revenge.

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Pochettino still has work although from last year to this, his defense has stopped shaking. And it has two full-backs who attack and defend like the best. His core has gained carats with a Herrera and a Gueye, in good shape. And what to say about his dream forward. All that remains is for Neymar to wake up for the goal instead of getting into last-minute brawls. This PSG of the NMM is going to be a team with capital letters.

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