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Clash of stars at PSG || Mbappé's Ugly Comment On Neymar

First big game for PSG, who host Manchester City on Tuesday. Mbappé is, to date, the best signing of the French team but he has already had a brush with Neymar that Pochettino minimized on Monday before the press. Messi and Verratti are ready to enter an eleven in which a reborn Ander Herrera has earned a place.

The Parisian squad of the Qatari capital rules in Ligue 1 with the authority given by counting all the games (eight) as victories. However, his game has not convinced. His poor performance against Bruges, on the opening day of the Champions League, (1-1) also sowed doubts.

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In the league, the three stars have only played one more game together, against Lyon. They did not convince either. Neymar, from a penalty, and Icardi, in the discount, turned the score around (2-1), but there was more talk about Messi's gesture when he was substituted. Since then he has not played again, agreeing with his coach who took him off the field for prudence after a blow to his left knee.


Pochettino confirmed this Monday that the former Barça player and Verratti, who always brings consistency to the Parisian game, are fit to play although he did not confirm that they are starters."I never give eleven the day before," he declared.

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Verbal prudence also showed when commenting on the friction between Mbappé and Neymar. The French striker was caught by Canal + cameras saying "That beggar won't pass it on to me" after being substituted on Saturday against Montpellier. He was referring to his Brazilian colleague. The two PSG forwards scored neither in that match (2-0, goals from Gueye and Draxler ) nor in the previous one against Metz (0-2, both by Achraf ). So far they have played five times together this season with an average of 16 passes per game between them, a figure lower than those achieved in the previous four years.

"They are very good boys. Things always happen among great footballers, they are competitors, they want to win, score goals," said the Parisian coach. Pochettino assured that he had spoken with both of them about the matter and that they themselves discussed it with each other. "The goal is always to win, even if there are small frictions that can create a shock wave that makes noise outside the team, because inside they are nothing," he said.

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So be it. Although "Pochettino must make compromises with the ego of some of his players," according to Le Monde . The evening, after remembering how badly his predecessors Tuchel and Emery ended up , he assures that to survive on the Parisian bench you have to be "a political animal." And shows his disappointment with the former Tottenham, who "has not yet breathed that intensity sold as his brand."


L'Équipe maintains that "the strong South Americanization of the wardrobe favors the growing isolation" of Mbappé, who has progressively distanced himself from Neymar. Both have the opportunity to test their good relationship against Guardiola's City that beat Chelsea (0-1, Gabriel Jesús ) on Saturday .

The one who has the most to lose is undoubtedly Neymar. Because Mbappé, after a whole summer in which he always seemed about to be signed by Real Madrid, is involved with the French team. "He has not betrayed Paris on the pitch. Elected best player in the Ligue in August, his involvement is irreproachable. The best response to the whistles. There is nothing more respectable than giving everything for the team," wrote Laurent Perrin in Le Parisien.

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It is already known that in this sport goals are loves. Mbappé has four. Herrera three in the league and that of Bruges. Gueye and Icardi also have three goals. The only newcomer who has contributed game and goals (three others) is Achraf Hakimi . So the signing of the year, even if he only has a contract until June 2022, his name is Kylian and his last name is Mbappé.

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