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Don't let Reality Spoil Good News For You

For my part, I want to start turning the page about Messi's departure from Barcelona, but I would also like some things to be clear about which many shadows of doubts have been cast. Very contradictory versions have been told about the negotiation and the causes of the exit and many of them do not seem to fit reality.

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A renewal premium was never requested. There was also no request for a commission for the player's father as stated. It would be absurd when important amounts had been postponed from last year that could not be coped with the pandemic, or when the club owes the footballer about 50 million euros. The issue of the player's salary generated the least debate. The club asked him for a 50 percent discount on his file and he agreed. Nothing more. The salary was not spoken of again. 

And that was the beginning of May. Full agreement. Messi returned from vacation convinced that he was going to sign and found that the club, with good words, made his father see that they could not afford that economic operation of about 200 million. Not a bad word, not a cry, not a broken plate (as some spread the rumor). Messi's disappointment came from the disbelief and surprise of the change. Hence the coldness of the greeting with the president and Rafael Yuste on the day of their goodbye press conference.

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It has been said that Messi took little time to close his important deal with PSG, which is not true. The morning after the bombing of the breakdown of the negotiations Leonardo, the sports director of the French team telephoned Jorge Messi to confirm that the Rosario star is in the market, and from that moment he puts all the machinery to work at the express wish of the owner of the Parisian club to make the signing a reality. They were six days of negotiations at full speed to finish sealing the contract. If the agreement for PSG had advanced, Messi should already have a home in Paris, but no, that is not the case. He is still looking for a residence in the capital of France despite having been there for more than a month.

Messi always wanted to stay. Her tears in goodbye were sincere. Tears of rage and helplessness. What would be sad is that after so many years being the symbol of the club, a part of Barcelona would deny its history, brilliant and beautiful history. Messi is from Barcelona,  Barcelona's heritage. Due to these economic circumstances, he has signed for PSG, but he is and always will be for Barcelona and when he retires he must be unequivocally identified as a symbol of Barcelona. The opposite would be to betray history and forget so many nights of deeds and joys. And that no, that should not allow the culés. Because Messi will always be his.

War economy, even for Laporta

Since the arrival of the Laporta board of directors, a true war economy has been imposed on the club. Maximum austerity. And I attest to it. I met at the airport with the president who was traveling to Torrelavega for the final of the handball Super Cup. Laporta traveled alone, without a cohort and without anyone expendable. The minimal expression of a presidential trip.

Di María and Paredes have helped Messi

It might seem like a complicated dressing room, but they say that the one at PSG is much more normal than is sensed. Ramos, Neymar, Di María, Mbappé and Messi coexist in a few square meters so naturally that it surprises locals and strangers. The fact that they are compatriots like Di María and Paredes has helped Messi a lot to integrate.

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