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Messi's Salary At PSG

Leo Messi will earn 110 million euros net at PSG if he fulfills his three-season contract with PSG. This is what L'Equipe has revealed in information where it breaks down and explains all the possible gains of the Argentine star, both fixed and variable.

The former Barça player will earn 30 million euros this season at the Parisian club. The following two years, Messi will see his salary increased by ten million thanks to a loyalty bonus of that amount that will be effective if the Argentine remains at PSG for both the second and third seasons.

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The amounts are practically identical to those charged by Neymar, who recently extended his contract until 2025, with the exception that the Brazilian's contract does not experience salary increases over the years, quite the opposite since he signed an agreement to the drop off as your stay in Paris progresses.

An annual payment in PSG Fan Token

These amounts do not include the bonuses for both collective and individual objectives that Messi and PSG can achieve between now and the end of the season.

But even more curious is a part of the annual payment that Leo will receive, since PSG will pay him one million of those 30 million euros per year in PSG Fan Token, the club's cryptocurrency.

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This payment method will give the French club a profit of between 25 and 30 million per season thanks to the collaboration it is doing with Crypto.com, which initially had signed for less money, but the unexpected signing of Messi caused a considerable increase of the quantities.

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