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Real Madrid | Beware Hazard

On carefully, very carefully, but Hazard is in Mestalla. The Belgian, who comes from minor knee problems, trained with the team and entered a list with up to six casualties due to injury for a game that will warm up LaLiga.

Eden is ready but between cotton wool. It comes from not playing for a minute in San Siro due to those physical problems according to Carletto ... although on Wednesday he explained his absence due to a change of plan during the game and that resulted, to fly through the wings.

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This Saturday, the new Ancelotti went to a press conference and warned. The footballer must be taken care of: "Hazard did not play in Milan due to a small discomfort in his knee and it also bothered him on Friday. Let's see what happens. His conditions have improved and we have to be careful because he has had injuries in the past and give him two games in a row can be a bit more difficult."

After running a bit with the breastplate in the San Siro band and little else, Hazard could return to the eleven in Mestalla, a place of care with the Bordalás bulls. The Belgian would regain his place near Benzema and Vinicius , today untouchable on the left wing that had the name Eden written on it.

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It is not at the level that we all want, but it works and has all our confidence that it will return to its best condition

After resting in the Champions League, Hazard would return to Ancelotti's plan, who continues to trust a footballer who came to give birth to the shadow left by Cristiano . "He is not at the level that we all want, but he works and has all our confidence that he will return to his best condition," says the Italian coach.

One day flower

Hazard started the season as a starter and leaving green shoots in its path through Mendizorroza , but it was a flower of a day. He repeated from the beginning at the Ciutat de Valencia and there he remembered the footballer from his first two years at Real, the one who has nothing to do with the galactic signed two years ago.

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In the third white outing, Hazard started sitting down and ended up playing 13 minutes plus the added one at Villamarín. A week ago against Celta, he returned to the coach's initial plan. He played for an hour and left with knee pain after an ugly tackle by Murillo. They are not in the ankle that has conditioned so much his career in Real Madrid, the team in which he dreamed of playing so much, but they have changed his face and what goes through his head.

At Mestalla, in a firework match, Hazard is expected to return to the field. Careful, but come back. Or not. Ancelotti, the great protector of Real Madrid and its soldiers, will decide.

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