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The Signings That Changed The History Of Football

The signing of Neymar by PSG caused a jump in the transfer market that changed the scene. Although the amount has not been repeated, it caused the amounts to rise from then on, as evidenced by the signing of Coutinho by Barcelona, which disbursed 160 million euros to Liverpool.

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Until then, the ceiling was at the level of 100 million, which approached the hiring of Cristiano Ronaldo (94 million), from Manchester United, in charge of Real Madrid. With Gareth Bale (101 million), the white club surpassed it. They were not the first records set by Florentino Pérez , as evidenced by the signings of Figo (60 million) or Zidane (77.5 million).

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Barcelona,  which saw records being broken with operations to snatch footballers (Ronaldo, Figo and Neymar), also marked theirs in other times, from Cruyff (2 million) to Maradona (7.3 million), and even surpassed one again with the signing of Rivaldo (23.5 million), from Deportivo.

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