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Five Soccer Players Crazy About Video Games

Sergio Aguero

The footballer who became a streamer. Sergio Agüero is combining the last stages of his sports career with his broadcasts on Twitch. The player has become close friends with Ibai Llanos, which has contributed to his popularization as a streamer. He broadcast more often when he was injured at Manchester City and now, as things are at Barcelona, the waters are not there for many streams.

The way he used the Premier Player of the Month awards to hold the camera while playing went viral.

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Borja Iglesias placeholder image

Borja Iglesias is one of the Team DUX partners who has been the most in contact with Spanish streamers. He has won the affection of all with gestures such as his participation in the FIFA tournament in Ibai during the quarantine. He made a total television entrance to the living room of his house, as if it were a football stadium.

Dani carvajal

Carvajal is an ambassador for the Call of Duty brand in Spain and does not miss the presentation of the annual installment of this war video game saga. In addition, he has participated in tournaments and videos with content creators and with other footballers such as Pablo Sarabia and Marcos Llorente who also give the COD. It is not surprising that with the popularity it has gained, it has become fond of the 'Warzone' mode.

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For the memory is his famous advertisement with the washing machines, which allowed him to continue playing the console without having to worry about the laundry.

Thibaut Courtois

Like Agüero, Courtois found a niche in the 'streams' as a result of the quarantine where he regularly appears. It also became common in the games of 'Among Us', 'Fortnite' and 'Fall Guys' along with Ibai, Agüero and other footballers and content creators.

He declared himself a regular and daily player and in addition to those already mentioned he played NBA, FIFA and Formula 1.


Neymar is not only an ambassador of the Efootball video game, which was previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer, or Pro, of all life, he also began to broadcast his games of 'Counter Strike' on Twitch, for example. The Brazilian, who also supported professional players and content creators in his country, is very fond of 'shooters' and, before the explosion of Fortnite, it was common to find him in the games of Players Unknown Battleground, one of the first' Battle Royale 'that jumped onto the public stage.

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