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Formula 1 Calendar | The Formula 1 Grand Prix Of Saudi Arabia | Circuit Works Unsettle And Removes 'Dress Code'

Jeddah circuit works unsettle F1

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix debuts this year on the F1 calendar and is planned for December 3-5. The works are going at full speed, but at this point the new urban layout of Jeddah seems far from being finished.

With just over a month to go until the first edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia, the appearance of the street circuit being built in Jeddah is disturbing to say the least. The works on the track are going full blast and will soon be inspected in person by the FIA race director Michael Masi, but the truth is that the circuit is not yet practicable, nor are the associated facilities.

Mark Hughes, CEO of MRK 1, the consulting firm involved in the Jeddah project, has no doubt that the works will be ready on time: "There is no reason to think that," he points out, highlighting the challenge involved in building a circuit of F1 in just eight months, something they have never faced before.

"From my experience working on similar projects, Bahrain was built in 16 months, Abu Dhabi in 18. We built a circuit in Thailand: between the foundations and our first event there were 12 months in Buriram and that was another Tilke project. Tilke's experience in quick projects is quite exceptional," Hughes told the Race Fans web portal. "What they have managed to achieve in recent weeks is miraculous," he stressed.

"We have regular visits from Formula 1, several people from the Ross Brawn team have been here in the last two months.  The plan is for the race to be held on December 5, that will go ahead. From the progress that I have seen, no I have reason to doubt, " Hugues ditch.

Saudi Arabia removes 'dress code' in F1

The Saudi government stresses that "there will be no dress code on the Jeddah circuit or in any public place, regardless of gender.". Thus, the controversy generated by the strict rules imposed on clothing, especially to female visitors, had generated, as happened in the Dakar.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which opens this year on the Formula 1 calendar (3-5 December), does not contemplate a 'dress code' as it had been leaked a few days ago, with great controversy over the restrictive regulations, especially for women, who were told that they could not wear pieces above the knees, ripped pants, close-fitting clothing, cleavage, or even excessive makeup.

The Government of Saudi Arabia has addressed the Formula 1 paddock to clarify that team personnel , drivers and even fans traveling to Jeddah will not have a 'dress code' to comply with because, as they say in their statement , the intention is that "this event is treated like any other Formula 1 event that takes place in this region". That is, the same as Bahrain, Abu Dhabi or Qatar.

The note specifies that "it includes respecting Saudi Arabia's cultural sensitivities when in public," but in no way imposes prohibitions on dressing: "Our primary goal is to ensure that everyone visiting Jeddah experiences warm and welcoming. which is this place.  The Ministry of Sports has stressed that there will be no dress code on the Jeddah Corniche circuit or in any public place in Jeddah. This applies to everyone, regardless of gender, "the statement said, settling controversies.

Two years ago, in the first edition of the Dakar Rally in Saudi territory, after the African and South American journey, the local authorities did send the participants a series of guidelines to comply with in terms of clothing, as in the Spanish Super Cup of soccer.

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