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Gay Footballer Josh Cavallo | "I'm A Footballer And I'm Proud To Be Gay"

The Australian professional footballer Josh Cavallo speaks publicly about his homosexuality with emotional words. His association supports him in this.

The professional soccer player Josh Cavallo from the Australian first division club Adelaide United has come out as homosexual. "I'm a footballer and I'm proud to be gay," said the 21-year-old Australian youth international in a video statement.

He wants to be treated the same as the rest of his team, but doesn't want to hide his homosexuality any further. He is tired of having to lead a double life. "It's tiring. Nobody should have to experience something like that," Cavallo continued. He was afraid that people would treat him differently or speak badly of him if they found out about him. "That wasn't the case at all." His family, friends and club would have given him great support.

"A public coming-out can have a negative impact on your career," wrote the Australian on Instagram. "It is amazing to know that there are currently no professional gay footballers who come out and play actively - not just in Australia but around the world." He hopes to encourage other people and footballers with his coming out. "I know there are other players who are still silent. I want to help change that."

His club announced that Cavallo had shown a lot of courage in this step and that the club fully supported the step. "I have nothing but admiration and support for him, as do all the players and the coaching team," said his coach Carl Veart.

In Germany, the former national player Thomas Hitzlsperger was the only professional to come out after the end of his playing career. Justin Fashanu was the first professional footballer to come out from the English Premier League club West Ham United in 1990 during his career. In 2013, the former US international and major league soccer professional Robbie Rogers did.

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