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Mbappé: "Madrid's Offer Came Late, But In July I Already Said I Wanted To Leave"

The French forward of Paris Saint-Germain has starred in the soap opera of the summer during the transfer market. Real Madrid came to present three offers to acquire the services of Kylian Mbappé , but the Parisian team refused to part with him, despite the multi-million dollar offers presented. His contract with PSG ends on June 30 and he could wear white next season with no transfer cost.

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Mbappé has granted an exclusive interview to the French media RMC Sport in which he has spoken at length about the possibilities that existed during the summer of leaving the French capital. "I asked to leave. From the moment I did not want to extend my contract, I wanted the club to receive a cost for my transfer so that they would have a quality replacement. It is a club that has contributed a lot to me, I have always been happy during the four years that I spent here and I still am. I announced it early enough so that the club could turn around, " explained the Frenchman.

The decision not to renew with PSG was taken at the end of July and communicated it "to everyone" and the club replied "that the project is done, that they had not imagined it without me and that they do not want to sell it" So "I respected the decision and told them that if they don't want me to go, I'll stay."

However, Mbappé does not close the door to renew with the French team. "The truth of yesterday is not that of today and it will not be that of tomorrow. We do not know what can happen in football, we do not know anything at all. Six months ago, I did not know that I wanted to leave," he confessed, adding that "the Real Madrid's offer came late, but I said at the end of July that I wanted to leave. "

Messi's arrival in Paris

More than one was taken by surprise by the signing of Leo Messi for Paris Saint-Germain, including Mbappé himself, as he has recognized in the interview. "Playing with Messi is easy. He's THE southpaw, THE player. He smells like football. He always has the right gesture. If the game requires the whole team to dribble and score, he will dribble the whole team and score. If the game requires a game one touch, it will be a one touch game. It is his respect for the game that makes him what he is, one of the greatest in history, if not the greatest, " commented the French forward.

Adding Neymar, they form a dream forward, typical of video games or a sticker album. "When you play with three players like that, you have to share the cake. You play with three players who are some of the best in the world. You can't say 'I hit one, not the other.' All three must eat and this is where we have to be smart, "he said.

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